The November Halloween Bog O’ Bones Special (Boglinwatch 2017)

ItR;s time to get spooky… even if it is November. Let’s look at another Halloween Boglin, Bog O’ Bones!


  1. Let’s top off the first 12 months of a wonderful BoglinWatch by celebrating its first anniversary! It has been a crazy wild ride and, if the first year is anything to go by, our lives are going to be one big celebration of Boglins in 2018. Happy 1 Year Anniversary Jim!!! ???

  2. Never change, Jim.

  3. Boglinwatch watchers represent! Number 463 Boglin Boy checking in!

  4. Does anyone see that ? Up there, in the sky, its the Jimsignal, EA has made some public announcements about  creating increasingly lazier game-like facsimiles with even more microtransactions, go get them Ster Dust !

  5. Jimothy please stop your Boglin videos – they are driving up the price of Boglins online! I can’t afford to get one for my Nan for Xmas now!

  6. “one handed, sit on my fist” Jim Sterling 2017 😛

  7. Sometimes I lose track of the fact that Jim is basically a mega dork but Boglinwatch always brings it right back into focus.

  8. Is his love for Boglins ironic?

  9. I don’t even own any boglins but these videos are cool, maybe cool isn’t the word but i like them

  10. The Artist Formerly Known as I'm Old Gregg

    Jim how bout talking about NBC and its hit piece on gamers being nothing more then alt-right neo-nazi members in training. Or are you too leftist to touch that one?

  11. Boglin watch better keep going into 2018 and beyond, or else.

  12. Boglinwatch should have it’s own Patreon.

  13. Jim, here’s hoping you call bullshit on EA’s latest approach on the Switch after doing a shitty job at porting their own games and expected them oversell.

  14. I’m shooked and scared at how SPOOKY that boglin is

  15. Nice impression of a spazzy ork from that lord of the things game what you is angry with.

  16. Plenty of Simpson’s Treehouse of Horrors aired in November.

  17. That’s Silver Shamrock in my head for the next week. do de do de do de do de do de do de do de do de…

  18. I don’t normally watch your boglin videos Jim, but since your dressed up I don’t mind.

  19. Jim you should use a Mr Clean magic eraser to clean it like new.

  20. SupernaturalMonkey

    Is that the pumpkin mask from Halloween 3?

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