THE MOST POWERFUL GOAT EVER | Goat Simulator 3 with @CaRtOoNz Ep. 2

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Friends in Video:

Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos:
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  1. the goatest of goats

  2. I need a Goatlirious YouTooz…complete with eggplant.


  4. you gotta do another video. the amount of stupid sh*t in this game lol

  5. You guys should try to find Jesus so you guys can become goat Jesus

  6. you gotta play The Walking Dead Season 3&4 soon!!

  7. Thank you 🙂

  8. goat game played by the goat himself

  9. Please make a map in tabs

  10. is that a d!ldo?

  11. I love delirious I been watching him since like heck around 2015 WHY IS HIS VIEWS DROPPING he is one of the best YouTubers ever he might not show his face or play the games that everyone likes but he is doing what HE loves and he makes people smile every video he is a amzing YouTuber and a amazing YouTuber delirious has helped me through sad times and I can tell by seeing comments I’m not only one he has helped! We all love you H20 and you have my support for love 💯 don’t give up on YouTuber you are still changing peoples life and making people smile with your amazing funny personality and again you have my support and we all love u delirious💯🫶🏻

  12. Super saiyan goat🐐

  13. I wanna see more of these amazing Goats destroying the world😂

  14. 9:16 God visiting California in the summer be like.

  15. I like delerious’s videos

  16. At 8:00 min i think it’s Kardashian meme thing 🤣

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