The Most Influential Game Of The Decade (The Jimquisition)

Before we force ourselves to face the reality that is 2020, I want to take one last look over the previous decade. More than that, I want to think about what influence means.

Today’s video column isn’t a comprehensive retrospective much as a thought process, going over some of the biggest names in the past decade of games and seeing what impact, if any, they had on the industry.

All that considered, I do come to a conclusion and I do name the game I believe had the most influence in the 2010s. Is it The ? Fortnite? Dark Souls?

It… sure is something.


  1. Finally, Slaughtering Grounds gets its due.

  2. “The past can’t hurt you, the future can” is a legitimately terrifying thought.

  3. Raid Shadow Legends bought every youtuber ever in 2010s

  4. The past cant hurt you, its already happened.

    Only the future will kill you.

    -Jim Sterling 2020

    Thanks for the pep talk jim.

  5. Doing a “most influential” game for a decade that just ended is a tall order as only games from the first few years have any relevance.
    A “most influential game of the 20-00’s” would be more appropriate. And Farmville would win and it came out in 2009.

    And I strongly agree that Clash of Clans is the winner. Gods.

  6. Jim keeping up the gag of calling Andrew Wilson “Android” is honestly so good, I feel like if Jim outlives Wilson he’ll still posthumously call him “Android”

  7. The King of Scrubs


    YEEEESSSSSSSSS it’s back.

  8. At the part where Jim stopped, looked down, and said, “What is that?” I literally had a eyelash on my phone screen exactly where Jim was looking, and I got very spooked.

  9. Clash of clans – should be called “Clash of wasted cash”

  10. I’m glad that Jim took into account that “influence” can be both positive AND negative. Very important to consider which games have improved the industry AND the ones that detracted

  11. Poor Adam, that quote is with him all his life

  12. My guess was, “it’s that one mobile game, isn’t it,” and unfortunately, it seems we’re in agreement.

  13. Overwatch.

    *”Just cosmetics.”*

  14. “A trinity I’ve handily abbreviated to CCCODCOC”

    I can’t breathe, Jim. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BREATHE, JIM.

  15. VideojugadorIrritado

    The “CCCODCOC” is the best thing I ever heard in this 2020

  16. The most influential game of the decade is… but before we get started this comment is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends.

  17. Clash of Clans.

    _”You can beat it without ever paying for microtransactions.”_

    When I hear that excuse, I’m always reminded of the fact that it takes 5 years to finish Clash of Clans without spending money on it… 3 years ago. Probably add a year or two in that today.

  18. I’m not seeing any comments about the mighty boosh being the background whenever Jim is on screen ?

  19. “What other system could play RE:4?”
    You cheeky goose.

  20. I’m very new to Jim’s content and I feel like I’ve hit a gold mine. A back catalogue of humour filled insightful ness from an informed and critical thinker.

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