The Missing – Out On A Limb (Jimpressions)

The Missing: J.J. Macfield And The Island Of Memories is Swery65’s latest with his outfit White Owls. A puzzle-platformer in the same vein as Limbo or Oddworld, The Missing introduces a clever spin on the genre.

One of the most notorious aspects of said genre is brutal death. The Missing makes that a core puzzle component.

Steam page:


  1. Deadly Premonition is a masterpiece
    Change my mind

  2. CrossCode waiting room T-T but tks for the review im kinda interesting in this game for a while

  3. deadly premonition was so good

  4. What happened to other game he was developing
    The about the redhead lady in a small town who turns into animals

  5. にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien

    This looks pretty interesting

  6. Why did it went private for a second?

  7. I guess you could say she needs a hand?

  8. While I’m not impressed by the graphics and art direction
    If it has enough of that sweet SWERY weirdness I’m definitely on board

  9. Personally I cannot stand platform games. I just cannot get myself to play them. I think I played them far too much in my tiny youth years, drove myself far too insane to be capable of sitting down and playing them now i’m an adult. I just cannot. Yet I am able to appreciate each game and envy people who can sit down and enjoy them. Really do wish I could sit down and play them without wanting to smash my face into oblivion.

  10. I just hope people don’t call this a ‘women torture simulator’. I can see it happening easily.

  11. I’m getting vibes of Neverdead from this tactical self-dismemberment thing. Bloody intriguing, I cannot lie.

  12. So, um, it’s a better executed and *less* weird version of Sega Saturn game Mr. Bones. I bet in this one there is no guitar solo minigame: )

  13. I have issue with the boots. They don’t look practical for platforming.

  14. I can’t be the only one who saw that thumbnail, then immediately thought of Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, right?

  15. The Raddest Scorpion

    It’s not a Pip-boy, the Pip-boy is the computer. It’s a Vault boy.
    God damn it, why aren’t people nerdy enough!?


  17. Sounds awfully like NeverDead…

  18. D4 shat all over ya Telltale and Don’t Game snore fests and yet we’ll never see anymore of it….. feels bad man.

  19. Game of the year imo, the whole acceptance thing was just mindblowing, the last 30 minutes of this game is PURE art.

  20. “The graphic aren’t cutting edge” he says while bouncing and dodging buzzsaws.

    This is quality editing =P

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