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  1. Giovanni Martinez

    Delirious can you please play the walking dead season 3

  2. Craig Meilak Cocker

    I found you in Friday the 13th

  3. Alright so I thought delirious just stopped uploading because I haven’t been getting him in my recommended for a long time. Is he like blacklisted on YouTube or something?

  4. the person that made this has a bunch of other great games too

  5. Анзем Емназож

    Delirious’ junior voice with that southern accent just kills me😅

  6. Play the other games made by the same creator please

  7. H20 is sooo funny Mama help me


  9. For some reason the creator likes to make all of his characters have a thic ass

  10. 4:19 “Skewl” hahaha you sounded like Cartman from South Park LOL

  11. Thomas the tank engine was written in 1945 by reverend W Audrey

  12. It’s starting to feel like he’s falling off YouTube this makes me sad

  13. Their is a second game of the man in the windo

  14. Hey Delirious, remember that you played, My Friendly Neighborhood?
    Well the full game is out now. Should you play it?

  15. If you been around sense the early cod and GTA days say hi

  16. My god i haven’t seen delirious in YEARS he actually has a family now? Im having such a hard time believing it

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