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  1. Roman Herrin ' they call me Roman Noodles

    Every bad ending at the end of the video spells out lunky and there’s no good ending just a “baddest ending” 😂

  2. Jojo reference less goooooooo

  3. OMG El Hee Hee was there

  4. Sleep paralysis Demon

    this is very accurate

  5. *Why the long face there friend?*

  6. I missed Lixian scaryness in this video :/

  7. A detail I noticed at 19:32.

    If you slow it down, and look carefully, in between Mark’s head, and the left half of Lunky, you can make out a face. Who is Lunky working with?

  8. 2:25 I hate how in the image you can see another kid in the background, maybe the kid who longeyed is trying to impersonate

  9. HOW did he not mention the breathing in the left ear FOR 2 TIMES!!?!?!?!??

  10. Got a good jumpscare from checking my notification tonight 🙃🙃🙃

  11. The voice over sounds like Game from There Is No Game if he just woke up

  12. Great stuff! You should do a full analog horror with Markiplier series. Use Darkiplier, Antisepticeye, Damien, Warfstache, maybe something with Lixian, and use it to really pad out your own lore. The Mark universe meets X-Files kind of deal. Throw some 5 nights, 3 scary games, and Phasmo references in there, and maybe even see if Bob and Wade want to get in on it. I would totally throw 5 or 10 bucks in to fund something like that.

  13. Imagine being a blind person and encountering one of these Mandela monsters youre kinda in the clear at that point no pun intended

  14. Are we not gonna talk about the pic of the El Aowoki (which is a pic of a Michael Jackson mannequin)?


  16. happy little trees

    Bruuuhhh case 2 on the left is just Michael Jackson on drugs 😭

  17. longeyed = no nose = voldemort

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