The local dangers of playing Pokemon GO : Willmar MN


  1. why does he kinda sound like Obama

  2. “Your a celebrity Bob”, how about the reason why not many people live in
    Minnessota… Classic.

  3. Drop this old fucker to the ground. Hard to use a gun when you are knocked

  4. WTF IS THIS ABOUT??? I don’t know what to feel!

  5. I would have fucked up bob XD


  7. these white guys have sexual tension

  8. fuck Bob fucking honkey

  9. cringy

  10. Bob Barker what happened to you?

  11. Only adult was that random dude.

  12. Rusty Shackleford

    Two of the biggest pussies I’ve EVER seen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. What’re the odds Bob is a Trump supporter?

  14. TheBlackJacksItalia


  15. They seem like there gay for each other but can’t admit it to each other

  16. Why do they seem like they want to fuck

  17. Is this the beginning of a gay porn

  18. Stay safe buddy.

  19. being called a chicken by a guy carrying a gun XD what a pussy XD

  20. the sun is closer then you think


  21. Jack 'chibi0bsidian' Boulton

    What the fuck did I just watch?

  22. wtf is going on

  23. Typical mid United States lmfao

  24. Wtf Seriosuly there is no bigger man!

  25. Bob the Most alluring Pokemon alive

  26. The guy taking the video is a real douche.

  27. Haha Bob is a real hoot

  28. Seriously, I thought you guys were going to make love at the end……..

  29. I can stop laughing

  30. Yo, wtf was with that “diseased invested somali tourist”???

  31. Fucking Bob and his speedos up his ass

  32. Lets play a drinking game. Take a shot every time you hear “Bob”

  33. just slug it out and get it over with. Settle it like men man.

  34. Both of these adults are immature.

  35. oh yah eh

  36. “There he is! The Pokeman nutcase!!”

  37. Don’t talk shit then start shaking. Fucking bitch!

  38. Someone get bob

  39. man im glad i dont live in the states

  40. I love the cameraman’s voice

  41. Eh Bob, eh Bob

  42. I don’t know the entire context of the video. Though I’ve met people that
    would just love something bad to happen, so they can legally shoot someone.
    Seems like this Bob character is near that.

  43. I would not taunt an unhinged guy who is clearly looking for any excuse to
    unload that pistol

  44. It’s not like you aren’t instigating this, huh? Both sides are wrong,
    pathetic video.

  45. Omg this has to be fake. Fake and gay.~ Old meme.

  46. Someone take this fucking idiots gun away.

  47. Bob´s voice sounds like Larry David´s….Just saying.

  48. 0:48 damn u sounded so angry at this particular moment. that’s what dealing
    with frustrating ppl does to u over time i guess.

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