The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass

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  1. Molgerax Productions

    “20$ for Hard mode!? You’re such a dirty greedbag, Nintendo!”
    No. For the 20$, you get
    -Cave of Trials challenge
    -said Hard Mode, which is an addition to normal hero mode
    -an additional feature for the map
    -*a new original story*
    -*an entirely new dungeon*
    -more challenges
    This is far from just 20 bucks for hard mode. We don’t know to what extend this hard mode might be.
    I really appreciate the DLC. After spending so much research and work on making this game and its engine as good as it can get, they deserve to build on it with DLC, and I’ll most likely buy it.

  2. Still getting this game and a Switch DAY ONE.

    Nintendo’s DLC in past games has been exceptional, if that doesn’t say something to you then I think you may be jumping to conclusions before the game is even out.


  4. Why is every-one so sensitive? It’s a Expansion, they’re not taking stuff from the original game and forcing you to pay more, They’re adding stuff on stuff from the original game.

  5. oh also, Final Fantasy XV was an Incomplete game with major bugs and glitches that needed a day one patch and was in production for like 10 years, and it comes win DLC you have to pay for.(I also complained about this).Nintendo gives you a finished product with DLC and you flip? makes absolutely no sense.

  6. “One thing Nintendo has determined as a company policy, what we are not going to do is create a full game and then say, ‘let’s hold this back for DLC.” Iwata, 2012.

    Looks like Iwata’s policy is as dead as he is.

  7. People that are defending Nintendo for this are dumb
    1. The fact that Nintendo announced DLC before the game is even released is already a red flag.
    2. First day DLC (season passes are still DLC) is inexcusable (yes that’s including amiibo)

  8. The thing I dislike about this is the fact that they chose to announce it before the game was out. If they had revealed it after the game had been released, then that would be exciting. Now it just sounds as if they chose not to include certain elements in the game, that could’ve been included, so that they could sell it as DLC later on.

  9. Wow. this comment section is aids. More Zelda the better.

  10. Anybody canceling their pre-orders over this is a moron.

  11. Announcing this right now was a PR disaster, given a lot of people have actual questions about the Switch hardware and software that might affect their preorders.

  12. People on this comment section must have brain damage.

    This is Nintendo people.

    The game is complete.

    The DLC is extra content.

    It is NOT a part of the game that Nintendo held back so they can charge extra for it.

    Breath of the Wild is not like Destiny.

  13. Wow, are there seriously people who are cancelling their pre-orders thanks to optional additional content? This world is dumber than I thought.

  14. Seriously, reading this comment section has made realise that Nintendo is not the one out of touch as some people have suggested in the past. The fans are the ones out of it here. I can’t understand the complains for something that is completely optional. I mean, I love the fact that the Zelda team is working on extra stuff for us. We need to be open minded here. A couple of years back, I would have critized this. But then, I got to play The Witcher 3 and had the chance to see the way they did expantions. Needless to say, I love the way they executed all that additional content and made me realize how a game could be expanded and given extra life for over a year. That’s what they did. I see Nintendo following a similar approach and I love it. This is all good and now I have even more stuff to look forward to this coming holidays. We need to open to new possibilities and see the potential in all this new implementations instead of being the same close-minded Nintendo fans of old. I stopped being one a long time ago and that made my gaming experience better in general.

  15. Why do people pay 50$ for a COD season pass but they complain when Nintendo releases a 20$ season pass. And Nintendo’s DLC has all been great in my opinion so I don’t see why this DLC is getting so much hate.

  16. I honestly don’t get why people are so angry about this. It isn’t like Star Wars Battlefront where it’s an incomplete game without DLC. This is an addition to the full game. This didn’t even have to exist in the first place, but they decided to add more stuff, and they’re only asking $20 for it.

  17. I guarantee if this was announced a few months after the game’s release, people would’ve taken it a lot better.

  18. the amount of Fanboys actually defending this type of practice is astonishing. I grew up with Nintendo it’s my childhood, but I can tell you this is a scummy move.

  19. To all game publishers: Do not announce DLC before your game is released. It will only appear like you are trying to milk your customers for all they’re worth. Best to wait a little after the game is out and release the first wave of DLC closer to that announcement.

  20. Maybe don’t announce DLC before the actual game even comes out…

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