The Last Of Us Part II – Through The Slime & The Mud (Jimpressions)

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The Last of Us Part 2 is a grimy, nasty, and lurid game. What it isn’t is anywhere near as accomplished as its marketing and reviews (same thing in this case) claimed it was. It’s a fun action-horror game, which is perfectly fine… save for the excessive promises that would make Peter Molyneux seemed restrained.

Also, one has to wonder if so much extraneous detail is justified as Naughty Dog faces allegations of abusive crunch practices.

Also also, this game would have been about twice as effective if it had been put in a better order. The story struggles desperately enough as it is, it doesn’t need to be fighting the poor structure on top of things.


  1. Developers: do you want players to feel bad for doing the violence? Add this drop item to every human enemy:

    “A note, written in crayon. ‘I luv you daddy, come home soon!'”

  2. Green Hill Pilgrim

    I was waiting for Jim’s tactless review, and here it is. Because compared to other viewers, Jim does not kiss ass. That is why I respect his BOTW review

  3. Bottomfeeders Incorporated

    I wish they would keep crunch and “heavy stories” out of my Murder Simulators.

  4. “The humans are the real monsters narrative is so overdone.”

  5. “Off she goes killing again”
    One of the many reasons TREEPLE AYE games will never, ever be able to do a serious narrative about the cost of a human life: They CANNOT design a game where a life isn’t the fuckin’ cheapest thing on the menu. They just can’t. You can’t get investors to give you money to make a dramatic, “realistic” toolset of a game without letting the player use that toolset over, and over, and OVER, AND OVER again. Gotta get your money’s worth.

  6. The human enemies will shout names when you kill one of them? Was there a “They got Alex!” moment at all where you hear the same name a few times?

  7. Braxton Spaulding

    It always makes me laugh when media tries to pull the old “the faceless goons you’ve been killing were people too!” trope. Mainly because the only time I’ve ever seen it work is in Revengeance back in 2013. A big part of that game was about acknowledging the horror of your actions, weighing them against your ideals, and living with the consequences. It’s just wild to me that such a corny game feels more genuine and authentic than so many “serious” stories.

  8. Last of us part ii except modded so the enemies all scream “Save… Martha”

  9. “He was a selfish asshole. He was going to get what was coming to him.” That is why people are upset. Why would he go out of the way to help Abby in the first place, when he is the survivalist asshole we know him to be? Also, you are saved by the person who you want to have revenge against. Maybe in the moment it doesn’t stop you, but no where in the game does Abby sit and reflect, like Ellie does throughout this game. Not once. That is why it is infuriating.

  10. I swear, anyone who says “this game is perfect at making you feel guilty” hasn’t played Spec Ops or Shadow of the Colossus

  11. Ah … forced, contrived “feel-bad” mechanics in a violent action game never get old. I was just thinking it’s such a shame how Doom Eternal didn’t have demons clutching pictures of their families as they’re torn asunder, then with their dying breath they whisper “Martha…”

  12. If Naughty Dog wanted a good twist of “violence is bad” or “killing naughty” maybe they should’ve played Knights of the Old Republic 2.

  13. What truly shook me was when it was revealed that Joel was pregnant with a puppy. Adds so much moral ambiguity and nuance to the issue. Crazy how Naughty Dog do that. Visionaries of our time.

  14. I started calling the infected “shroombies” and they stopped being scary afterwards.

  15. As a near constant Migraine sufferer, high contrast mode was the only thing in this game that made me tear up.

  16. I feel that “The Schindler’s List of X” will rate up there with “the first ‘strand-type’ game”.

  17. Real talk:

    I haven’t heard anyone talk about the low contrast mode in this much detail yet. All i’ve heard is “oh yeah there are good accessibility options but Jim actually praised it properly

  18. MGS3, Undertale, and LISA: The Joyful have the story and messages that Last of Us 2 tried to do, except it was actually good

  19. Seasame Street is the Schindlers List of children’s television.

  20. The first game was incredibly influential in legitimizing cinematic games, even with its flaws aside. How ironic that the sequel may be the point at which the metaphorical shark is jumped.
    Anyways, I need to go and experience some zombie apocalyptic emoshuns in Killing Floor. And if you think that’s not possible, just wait until you get a horrible team…

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