The Joykilling Culture Of ‘AAA’ Games (The Jimquisition)

has slowly transformed since it first arrived on , but its latest metamorphosis was sudden and jarring – it’s a “ now.

acquiring the title, and the effect it’s had on the game, demonstrate that “AAA” is not so much about the funds or the studio, but about the culture.

Now take your Joy, and appreciate that I’m canon.

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  1. I would be disturbed too if Jim kept wanting to date me.

  2. Is it bad i enjoy undertale? I feel as if i do people would assume i also enjoy the cancerous fanbase that constantly find new ways to make me wish i wasn’t enjoying the game

  3. Did Jim just dank meme us?

  4. Money for nothin’ and chicks for free

  5. came here just to hear Jim say “””Triple A”””, was not dissapointed

  6. Undertale is cancer.

  7. Oh, and it’s Gearbox who’s doing the Season Pass. Whom I might add, made you pay for random shit in the Borderlands 2 that was DLC despite the Season Pass claiming to give you “all” of it. How do we even know if when the DLC comes out, that it will be on the Season Pass? Fuck em.

  8. Umm Ninja Theory has never made a good game. Remember DMC:dmc? And Hellblade is more style than substance. All the crazy stuff is just mostly for show. The gameplay is super boring and i couldnt bare it for more than a hour and a half. Uninstalled that shit.

  9. One of these days someone is going to release a game that you can only preorder and Jim is going to explode

  10. Undertale was mentioned for a few seconds, everybody comment about what you think of the fanbase, it’s extremely important I hear about your opinion every fucking time someone even alludes to the game.

  11. I’m still not sure on the intro… I think it needs more oomph to properly get across that this is Jim Fucking Sterling Son.

  12. Aliens Colonial Marines is the best Aliens-FPS yet, isn’t it?
    I mean, if you wanna play First Person Shooter based on Aliens – what other options do you have?

  13. Fuck Undertale.

  14. We happy few sits there in my steam library at 2,5 hours and I am continuously mad that I cant refund it. First I was mad since the intro sequence had nothing to do with the dont starve gameplay that came afterwards.
    And now I am mad that it turns into a shitty AAA game even after I bought it on early access.

  15. Can you talk about Mass Effect Andromeda having all single player DLC and patches cancelled. EA have just ruined a franchise completely

  16. dont give a fuck. I play retro games. Stay getting fleeced gamers.

  17. Are traps gay tho

  18. You defended No Man’s Sky going $60 when Sony got involved though. You made a Jimquisition on it.

    What’s the difference?

  19. All these anti consumer practices have come from casual gamers. They are now the focus of developers. Hardcore, informed gamers have become second class citizens in the industry.

    The name of the game is stripping games of depth and content. To dumb them down and focus the content towards some sort of personalization that can be sold or earned slowly.

    Its only going to get worse. The gaming industry has become about profit above all else.

    Its all about safe bets. Tried and true money makers. Franchises that can be turned out every year.

    Its risky and pointless for these corporations to innovate, or offer more. Why offer tons of features when they can sell them to you in the dlc, or the sequel?

    My favorite hobby is being destroyed and its getting so bad that I find myself losing interest in gaming. I’m not excited anymore when games are announced. Maybe 5 games a year will actually catch my interest.

    Its so fucking frustrating to watch.

  20. If Gearbox are calling We Happy Few a triple A game then it should be criticized as a triple A game, soo it’s completely fine to put it up against the likes of the Witcher 3 and other triple A games

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