The Joy Of Mario Making – Bob Ross Makes A Super Mario Level

This episode of The Joy of Mario Making with Bob Ross the following wonderful Mario Making elements: Little Magic Guys, Thwompies, and Ledges to Nowhere.


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  1. Try including a few happy cloud blocks next time.

  2. Zaziuma (Patrick Jensen)

    I predicted that ending from a mile away, but still great. The idea alone
    is genius.

  3. Ha, cool, I miss Bob Ross, he was/is a great fella.

  4. This is amazing. You nailed Bob Ross. I could imagine him doing this were
    he still alive.

  5. AHAHA the ending was perfect xD


    lmao I lost it

  7. That was beautiful xD Bravo!

  8. some midnight boo’s ?

  9. Subscribed

  10. Justin Omoi (Artist Tutorials)

    xD This is amazing!!!!!

  11. RUINED!

  12. This was great, spot on me lord.

  13. Luminin - ASMR Let's Plays

    3:37 We may never know, Bob. We may never know.

    Next up… Bob Ross attempts casual lassics such as Bomb Voyage and Val’s
    Airspace. :)

  14. I watched this so much as a kid. ROTFL =) !!!!!!!

  15. too good, hope you become the next YT sucess. But don’t sell out

  16. an happy - DOKTOR!

    Breaking News:
    Super Mario Maker sales have increased by 25%, and so did the Wii U!

  17. For some reason this made me feel really relaxed

  18. Jonathan Davenport

    you have to be of a particular age group to truly enjoy this

  19. Murasakibara-sama

    I tried as hard as I could to keep a straight face, but then Van Dyke
    Hammer Brother happened and I totally lost it.

  20. i wanna see more videos from you!

  21. Wow, this is the first video on this channel. Is this the start of a great
    new channel of entertaining content?

  22. The pipe should have led to a death trap instead.

  23. So perfect!

  24. You can actually play this level? He actually beat this monstrosity?

  25. SGS♀Cody / CodyMKW

    nice ending lol :P

  26. This is really great! xD

  27. Amazing :DDD Laughed my ass off xD

  28. SoW_Scout's Gaming Hub

    hahaha omg, this is amazing! XD

  29. Heehee cute video :)

  30. should be cadmium browser

  31. Is this the weird satanist guy?



  33. Aaahhhh tingly

  34. I’d like to think this is how all the sadists made their levels

  35. Nice job

  36. This was really well done LOL!

    (came from Philly D)

  37. I enjoyed this wayy to much, bob ross is a joy to watch/listen! :D

  38. Should’ve been in 360p tops for that true 90s broadcast feel.

  39. That fuck at the end got me great vid guys.

  40. weak ending

  41. Lol that was awesome, came from the Philip Defanco show

  42. Wonderful creation! You truly are a magician with the almighty stylus.

  43. fucking love it.

  44. StraightMaster669

    The real Bob Ross died you asshole, parody or not, if you’re gonna
    replicate the master, at least do it the way he did it…

    with VHS tapes.

  45. Sooo relaxing. zzzzzz

  46. spencerthewinner

    That was amazing! Make some more!


  48. Nailed it. Acting game on point. I NEED MORE!

  49. I came here expecting something ridiculous, and was pleasantly surprised.
    You captured it perfectly and had great comedy timing. I love the “they
    might think its a surprise.. let’s give them a surprise.. a piranha” haha.
    I would watch every one of these.

  50. this is brilliant. LMAO

  51. Tanner Macdonald

    I can’t even RN its too funny

  52. Brad G (The JustGreat Minty Meeo)

    The entire video was amusing, yet soothing enough to make the ending

  53. I wish the music wasn’t playing in the background. Would love to see more
    of these.

  54. This NEEDS to be a new series, man.

  55. sub 428 reporting in

  56. “A bush has entered our world… our Super Mario World.”

    That was Hilarious.

  57. Jaysingsforsmiles

    Duude props to you!! That’s an absolutely spot on Bob Ross impression. Such
    an amazing video lol. He lives in us

  58. I laughed all the way through this. lol

  59. Spot on impression haha! Nice work guys.

  60. The punchline sucked, everything else was fine though.

  61. that ending was amazing lmfao

  62. The new Bob Ross ate the old Bob Ross. He’s not pregnant.

  63. This is perfect. On so many levels. :D

  64. The ending was somehow majestic

  65. Titanium Thwomp, lulz

  66. This had potential, you didn’t pull it off unfortunately.

  67. This pure internet gold

  68. +Egoraptor Arin would love this… or need some medication.

  69. the ending brah lmao

  70. This is surprisingly comforting.

  71. Happy little ragequits.

  72. Distracted Observer

    Bob Ross is a jerk!

  73. this was enough to make me subscribe

  74. Have to try to beat the devil outta this level!

  75. upload the fucking gameplay you faggot

  76. This is pure gold. Thank you.

  77. Mitchell Maenpaa

    Nice chub n tuck 8/10


  79. this is awesome

  80. i laughed so much, it was amazing!

  81. Consumer of DArkness

    RIP devil

  82. hilarious =))

  83. KappaRoss

  84. Bob ‘Kaizo’ Ross

  85. RUINED

  86. This is the best thing I’ve watched in a year, easily. Kudos to you, good
    sir. You’ve earned a subscriber – which is no easy task! My own mother
    won’t subscribe to me (largely due to her suspicion that technology is


  88. is it just me or was his voice very soothing?

  89. Well done. Priceless lol!

  90. Would have been better without the music I think.

  91. omg!, he is SO chill ?

  92. Daniel T. Gaming

    Awesome Bob Ross Impression. P.S. May you rest in peace, Bob Ross.

  93. by far the best impression of Bob Ross ever!

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