The Jimquisition Game Of The Year Awards 2019

Award time at last! The Game Awards may have its industry recognition, production values, exclusive announcements, and viewers, but The Jimquisition Awards have a “woosh” sound effect.

Clearly we’re winning.

Anyway, it’s time to name the five best games that I played this year. Let’s hand out some JGOTYAs!


  1. *There is a new hack in Fallout 76…*
    People can steal other people inventory from 200 meters…
    You know what time it is, right? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. Best Indie Games - ClemmyGames

    Love what you are doing with the aesthetic and presentation, good to shake things up, and YAY Bloodstained! My personal GOTY <3 Hope you had a good year playing games (and hope the back is better!)

  3. Jimquisiton Game of the Year Awards a.k.a. The Steam Holiday Sale Buying Guide 2019.

  4. Fallout 76 has to be here for the pure entertainment it has provided

  5. The random bright neon squiggly lines are back!

  6. I’m shocked the cornflakes humunculous didn’t show up. Has its undying hate and pain finally consumed it?

  7. Disco Elysium is the story of how I became a communist superstar cop, who is also homeless.

  8. I haven’t played Bloodstained. Why haven’t I played Bloodstained? I should play Bloodstained.

  9. Hot take, Fallout 76 is going to be so pathetic it’s not even going to win shittiest game of the year

  10. Place your bets what games will be on Jim’s Worst Games List, folks!

  11. Surprised DMC5 wasn’t here but Jim’s list makes sense.

  12. People who only visit your channel once a year don’t know what they’re missing.

    No, I mean literally don’t know what they’re missing, the wankers.

  13. i liked the rainbow at the beginning.
    merry xmas, happy holidays (whatever you prefer) and thx jim for your effort making the (gaming)world a little better (lit).
    edit: PS: i dont agree with your list, therefore it is crap 🙂

  14. Not sure if it’s on this list yet or if it’s technically from this year, but I recommend people play Risk of Rain 2 (on PC, console is okay but behind by one update right now). It is a rogue-lite, though, so if that not your kind of game, then, well, the games Jim rewarded here are good.

  15. For me Greedfall despite its flaws was a bit of a revelation. Not sure if it makes my Top 5 but I would try to fit it in there.

  16. 5 games but still no Ekans

  17. Parvati is adorable and should be protected at all costs.

  18. I hate how much bloodstained got snubbed from the VGAs. It deserved at least a nomination for best soundtrack. It is like they all just forgot it.

  19. I’ve always preferred top games to worst games. There’s enough negativity these days and positive videos just make me happier.

  20. Rise of Skywalker opinions must come tied with Last Jedi opinions, if you think TLJ was good, no one needs to hear your opinion on RoS, If you are aware that TLJ was bad, then your positive or negative(Probably negative) opinion on Skywalker is worth considering.

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