The Jimquisition Game Of The Year Awards 2018

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Shut up and listen, for it is time to give out awards! The Jimquisition Awards 2018 have arrived, with five winners to argue about.

We have game awards! We have corporate sponsors! We have world premieres! Watch and wonder!


  1. Shocked and surprised by you giving FO76 GOTY but I respect your opinions.

  2. The only award show
    Yeah that’s the whole title alright

  3. Damn I was hoping for the top ten shittiest games of 2018 but this’ll do nicely

  4. I can’t believe Super Seducer 2 and Super Seducer 3 isn’t on this list. Unbelievable.

  5. The setting is some dumpster area! 🤣

  6. Oh my goodness he’s hosting it in actual garbage both metaphorical, and literal

  7. Candice DeBébé’s Scandalous Secrets got absolutely hosed.

  8. Ah! the jimquisition goty awards- oscars of the videogame world

  9. Kenny Lee Jian Siong

    When Kratos goes to China and start murdering the gods there……… Be prepare for insane backlash from China.


  11. ClemmyGames - The Best Of Indie Games

    More faux ads please! Also, surprised Pokemon Let’s Go wasn’t on!

  12. God of War does almost everything right, except some mythological details and a repetitive streak of minibosses that are the exact same monster with different elemental weaknesses. PLEASE make a more varied amount of enemies in the sequel Santa Monica.

  13. Bethesda winning this year hands down with Fallout 76: Complete Edition. It really makes you feel like New Vegas.

  14. _Merry Christmas except to the people who think Fallout76 is good._

  15. I’d buy The Cornflakes Homunculus Christmas Album.

  16. Kratos has mellowed out he has a son now……NO HE HAS A BOY!!!! NOW

  17. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    Fist of the North Star? I see you’re a man of culture as well.

  18. Jim pushing the boat out with a glamorous location shoot

  19. Where would we be without the Cornflake Homunculus?

  20. It’s too bad LA didn’t work out, but it was nice of Bethesda to let you host at their offices

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