The Jimquisition: A Bitter Post-Mortem Of Modern Warfare Remastercarded

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New Jimquisition, Old Grudges.

It’s time for another of our grisly post-mortems, as we pick up the rusted scalpel and cut open Modern Warfare Remastered.

Here’s how Activision turned one of the most influential shooters of all time into the worst game of last year.

Bonus Content: Oh, Ubisoft!


  1. Michelle Chedore

    Love the new intro Jim! Thank god for Jim F*ing Sterling!

  2. If this is such an issue why don’t people rally up and boo Activision off stage at E3?

  3. Putting “Money” by Pink Floyd in the background is a really nice touch.

  4. why isnt blizzard on the shitlist?

    Diablo 3
    -initial release auction house
    -terrible low quality textures at some equipment
    -seasonal time locked content
    -complete betrayal of the franchise (rather subjective)
    -dodge button console exclusive
    -very little new content added over the span of 5 years
    -always online DRM
    -forced third party software (

    -real money ingame sales
    -gambling boxes
    -always online DRM
    -illusion of competitiveness, while its mostly just luck (debatable.. but then again just look at the tournaments.)
    -forced third party software (

    -laughably little content for a full price tag (5th richest gaming company in the world.. and we dont even get flavor text for the heroes…really?)
    -gambling boxes
    -seasonal time locked content
    -no server browser =no dedicated servers
    -no option to lock in a hero BEFORE you search a match
    -leavers can shut down entire matches
    -bullshit social options (cant turn off chat, mvp screen etc.)
    -false illusion of grandeur (mvp system, on fire bar, ultimates)
    -shitsauce matchmaking
    -always online DRM
    -forced third party software (

    starcraft 2
    -always online DRM
    -forced third party software (
    -“WE WANT LAN” ..remember that one? look it up on youtube
    -probably more shit i dont know about

    starcraft remastered
    – either a love tribute for the fans…. OR greedy business practice because itll sell like hotcakes with extremely low investment.. you be the judge.

    well shit, lookes like bill roper was the clue that held the entire thing together, ya know the guy that left to make hellgate london… that if it wouldnt have bombed, wouldve spawned a generation of awesome third person looters…fuck thatd be awesome.. but noo we cant have nice things now can we. oh and he also was lead designer on champions online the best freakin mmo by far… but enough of riding bill ropers salty sweaty dick.
    blizzard is not your friend, okay. fuck you and fuck overwatch especially you easily manipulated fuckin sheeple.

    bring on the hate and your invalid arguments.

  5. bulletproofblouse

    Jim’s iconic new theme song.

  6. Lol, i’m the 10k liker.

  7. Slinky Dad Shoutcasting

    can’t wait to shoot some white people. thanks ubisoft!

  8. What An Intro Productions

    I’m waiting for my deluxe cornflakes pack.

  9. Yeah nope don’t like this change

  10. iseeundeadpeople9

    Do these fucksticks think the average American is a militant KKK member?

  11. Nice yaoi hands in the intro

  12. Benjamin Storace

    Would you say this CoD situation is just a bit “fishy”?

    I’m Sorry 🙁


  14. Taken Too Seriously

    6:21 wow infinite warfare actually looks a lot prettier than the other cods!

  15. Call Of Duty: Activision’s Contempt is still a better name than Call Of Duty: WW2

  16. METAL ARMS!!! Holy fuck I loved that game.

  17. Did you lose the #1 Kissboy title?

  18. stopped listening to your shit a while ago. i hope you give Gavin shit for buying it

  19. Nice intro if only dsp could have a cool intro like u

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