It isn’t good, mate.


  1. Welcome to under 301 club, we have hoes, garden hoes.

  2. It is indeed inverted evolution, inverted evolution of the developer.

  3. What does it say about Jim’s career that he has a favourite tree pop-in?

  4. Jim, are you going to revisit “The Black Death”? The devs claimed that the
    errors only became apparent as network loads increased, and therefore
    weren’t expected, and the game seems to have been fixed according to the
    patch notes.

  5. Floating inaccessible houses


  6. One day someone will release an early access game that will be nothing but
    a link to the Unity home page and “make game” scrawled on a piece of toilet

  7. Hey Jim , do you want a mirror’s edge beta code, for the Xbox One?

  8. I’ve seen those zombie animations before

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out this was made by Digital Homicide

  10. Still a better zombie game than The Slaughtering Grounds. I mean the
    environments are better, at least.

  11. Here we go again, Jim hurting and preventing sales by calling a load of old
    bollocks a load of old bollocks.

  12. it’s the slaughtering grounds sequel!!!

  13. RedWolf Productions

    It still boggles my goddamn mind that Valve thinks that allowing this kind
    of arse trash to be published on their storefront is acceptable.

  14. I thought Jim had decided against titling videos by what he thought of the
    game any more after a suggestion in the comments?

  15. Ooh, another zombie survival game. Whoopee. I can’t wait for the next one.

  16. I was hoping for this to end on Jim falling through the floor or crashing
    the game. The floating crates and buildings were a nice touch. What is this
    in, super-duper-pooper early alpha? It’s not going to do well at this rate.

  17. Why do the textures look like they were shat out

  18. I believe it is wrong to call this a load of bollocks, a load of bollocks
    actually has monetary value especially in areas where they are consumed.
    This looks like someone faffing about in a development engine before
    getting bored.

  19. cheezemonkeyeater

    A bit annoying that the music always sounds like something is chasing you
    even when there’s nothing there.

  20. Water meter in f*cking snow…. bet its well hard to find some of that h2O
    around, got ice and a heated building umm….. Nah cant figure it out

  21. scenery simulator?

  22. Is it just me or does that loading screen reticle with the 7 in it look
    familiar? Also around 8:00 it reminds me no clipping in Fallout 4.

  23. The game itself states that “Hey man, it’s not done or in working order,
    but can you buy it please?”

  24. It amazes me when i see a game in this condition. Did they even render the
    game and play it themselves before tossing it onto greenlight and early
    access. Is it just a job for them to shit out this stuff and expect people
    to want it?

  25. Maybe the title of the game refers to the ability of devs to make good
    games, getting worse and less suited to the audience as time goes on?

  26. i keep hearing a noise in the music that sounds like what you hear in Star
    Wars: Empire Strikes Back when the 3 star destroyers run into each other
    while chasing the Falcon. that alarm noise. burrOOOOOOOnn

  27. this almost seems like the work of Muxwell

  28. Trevor Hultner (IllicitPopsicle)

    Time Ramesside? Is that you?

  29. Condom donkeys. Pml.

  30. well at least it isn’t another unit-z asset shit.

  31. For a second I tought this was going to be a DH game because of the way it
    says Total shite.

  32. Come on devs….have even the tiniest bit of self respect and pride in your
    work. Stop releasing shit like this and thinking that saying it’s early
    access is a free pass. It ain’t.
    Plenty of Early Access games are properly playable, there’s no need for
    featureless, empty dreck with broken level design and shite controls that
    don’t even work.
    Get your thumbs out your arses and actually make a fucking game, then try
    to sell it. Sick of this barely-even-started bullshit passing as a product
    fit for release…fuck Early Access. Like everything in the games industry,
    it’s a half decent idea utterly corrupted in order to dick over the end

  33. Please stick to your “one yonder per video” rule Jim. Two is too much. I’m
    shaking right now.

  34. im actually a huge fan of the zed. i dont care what you say in this regard,
    im never gonna get sick of zombies. but if the game is shit then i dont
    care about the zombies.

  35. Please do ‘C.T.U. (Counter Terrorism Unit)’ please!!!

  36. Propholian3, The Daily Let's Player

    If I want to trod along in a snow covered open world, I’ll stick to Skyrim
    me thinks.

  37. disappointed that I didn’t see any giants falling from the sky :(

  38. It’s like opening a store immediately after you sign the lease to the floor
    space. Don’t worry, we’ll stock the shelves later! But first we need to add

  39. You know dude. Whenever i enter my house I always jump on stairs and
    doorway. That normal ppl do.

  40. i’m sorry but why do you always prefer to cover shit games? well not all of
    them but most videos, its like you are searching for such games to cover
    it, IMO there are some other games that worth time and effort to make
    videos on since this is just a waste of time and effort.

  41. Wow, an open-world survival zombie shooter with foreign assets half-assly
    stitched together in a freely available game engine. The only thing missing
    is the fall through the floor or a good old crash to round up the regular
    greenlight experience.

  42. People need to stop trying to pass their shitty “game” projects as a
    product that deserves to be sold. Just learn from it and try to make
    something better. You’re just giving yourselves a bad reputation. Not that
    these “developers” have any dignity to begin with.

  43. If the dev of this works really really hard this might be the next Time
    Ramesside: A New Reckoning. And thats something no one should aspire to :-(

  44. That is fucking abysmal! Steam go fuck yourself and all your fucking
    families that are enjoying the fruits of this disgusting fraud being
    perpetrated every single day on your storefront!

  45. It sure does look like inverted evolution… of gaming.

  46. What a load of shit. It’s as if these people decide to make a game, get
    bored 10% of the way in and just think ‘fuck it, this will do’, and submit
    it to Steam so they can start to make some money off it. Contrary to what
    95% of these so called ‘developers’ think, this isn’t what Early Access is
    made for.

  47. I wasn’t watching the intro, but when I heard the tense music I had to look
    at the screen, only to see Jim standing still looking at a barrel. Why the
    music then?

  48. Black dragon Kalameet

    I say that while we wait for jims next video we all entertain ourselves by
    visiting my little channel/ pit of mediocrity…. It has dark souls

  49. Cameron Shuttlewood

    I feel like I used to cobble together better maps in Far Cry Instincts,
    when I was 11, than so many of these videos feature… It was a really good
    map maker, but surely game development tools have gone beyond that by now?

  50. Follow the bloody bloody footprints, Jim!

  51. so immersive

  52. I won’t be surprised in the slightest if this turns out to be a total asset

  53. Struggling to get through doorways means the monsters can’t get you as
    easily! It is clearly intentional!
    This was meant to be an attempt at a joke, but watching the rest of this
    shit I feel sorry for trying to make a joke~ This is shit.

  54. Jim, if anything gets into early access by agree light maybe a quick minute
    or two after would be a nice touch.

  55. WOOOOO

  56. 1:36 mark = GOLDBERG!

  57. wtf is the point of this game? also..he’s walking in snow with wood
    stepping sound effects.

  58. i know the dev and he is working hard on this trying to make it way better
    but i do know it dosent excuse the poor state its in now

  59. all of this garbage is the fault of dayz
    it started all of this bullshit

  60. So, Youtube crashed my video at 10:43 and I almost don’t want to see the
    actual end, cuz Jim sighing so hard that it causes an error isn’t something
    you can top

  61. SuperKittyPogoDance

    Floating buildings? It’s good to get back to classic bad game!

  62. 3:52 the character walked out a door on a horizontal platform and came out
    a vertical manhole cover, what the fuck?

  63. Matthew Jenkinson

    I know Dark Souls has the unrealistic feature of player glow (I’m sure
    there’s a lore explanation for it) but at least it lets you see your
    immediate surroundings. Also the trees are a result of bad mip-maps (it
    could be better to generate them when you run it than using separate
    images) and the silhouettes are a result of failed shaders. Edit on closer
    inspection the trees are fucked.

  64. I’m 90% sure this is a sourcemod.

  65. I like Jim, but somethings I dont get why he is so hard on early acces
    games when they are what they are, early acces.. so games still in
    production, so it´s clears things are not ready yet or am I missing
    something? … btw, I think the games looks cool in comparision to other
    really crappy games.

  66. Seems Steam-worthy to me.

  67. You didn’t play this game right, Jim. You’re suppose to be upside bloody

  68. Oh, so the sounds that I thought were the main character just shitting his
    pants are actually the sounds of mosnters roaring?

  69. Chewable Arsenic Candies

    If this was the *”Inverted Evolution”*, wouldn’t it be a caveman that’s
    chasing you?

  70. I don’t hate stamina meters in most games, but so often it’s SO low! How
    far do the COD developers think a soldier can sprint? Because it’s usually
    longer than that!

  71. Is the player character wearing sunglasses, or did the developers want to
    make everything look like a day for night shot?

  72. Hey everyone, what engine is this made in?

  73. Damn I wanted to see what happened when you pressed E to reload the level.
    I had money on it doing nothing at all.

  74. Yikes, Jim! I can’t believe you almost indirectly implied Dark Souls had a
    *flaw* near the end there. Can’t be having that around these parts, now,
    can we? Nice recovery though. You know I love you.
    Anyway, incompetent game is incompetent, etc. But, perhaps with a little
    elbow grease the dev(s) can one day move on to a more productive career of
    turd polishing.

  75. what a shit load of fuck

  76. The black silhouette thing could be cool in the right hands.

  77. I’m a condom giraffe, thank you very much

  78. Developer blaming Jim in the Steam forum in 3…2…1…

  79. UnivegaSuperSport

    Could this be part of some sort of tax write-off? Let’s say I was in a
    business deal where I would profit by being involved in a project that
    would surely fail but must reach a minimum status of progress to fulfill
    the requirements to be called a “thing” while ensuing there is zero
    potential to be a successful “thing”, this is what I’d do.

  80. Looks like a bootleg “The Long Dark”.

  81. I remember the OLD text games that had “hunger” … kind of.
    Every time you took a turn, a bit of your food would disappear. If you ran
    out, you’d be instantly dead.

  82. We need a name for this genre of games that are just empty maps with some
    pointless buildings with nothing in them despite your character having
    resource meters. Because it’s an entire genre by now, with dozens of

  83. “It’s got zombies in it, I think.”

    ……….I think you’ll be unpleasantly surprised.

  84. its bad, tim

  85. Am I the only one who feels the sound track for this game is completely out
    of place?

  86. Looks like another Panzer Gaming Studios gem.

  87. The gruesome FarCry2 maps a friend of mine made in not more than 15 minutes
    are better than this…

  88. Still better than dayz.

  89. is everything in this game black or am i going blind >.<

  90. Well now, I believe I smell an asset flip. Couldn’t tell you where the
    assets come from but it bears all the telltale signs…

  91. The Inverted Evolution… is actually a perfect way to describe the current
    gaming industry.

  92. These guys obviously never learned the “you don’t need intense music if
    nothing’s going on” lesson.

  93. Dwarf-Elvish Diplomacy

    Oh i see we now reached the point of bad Half Life 2 Mods again

  94. Seeing as this is an inverted Evolution, does that mean the developers pay
    US for their DLC?

  95. Jonas Bjerregaard

    It’s shadow zombies! Look at that innovation!!

  96. IndustrialBonecraft

    So it’s hitting at the start of the animation. There’s no textures, the
    keys don’t work, the hitboxes/terrain is obstructive… Why is everything
    half submerged or floating in the ground? Oh dear. Did it randomly gen the
    world? That’d at least explain it. If not.. the dev just… did what?

  97. Unfortunately, these gawd-awful EA games going-nowhere-fast have turned
    this channel into a load-and-listen while you go on to other sites.

  98. Robert Dykens (Pavlov'sRaptor)

    Swear to god I can hear Jurassic Park dinosaur noises in the background of
    this game at times. Anybody else?

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