The Industry’s Getting Unionized (The Jimquisition)

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As Nintendo, Sony, Activision, and others continue to screw over their workers, unionization is mounting, and the companies are scared.

KotakuR;s original Nintendo report:


  1. 7:10 holy shit they actually said c*nt instead of “SKELETON WARRIORS”

  2. In absolutely unrelated news, your outfit is incredible!

  3. I bet once RavenSoft’s union is officially started, Activision will just starve that company as a whole of work, or do whatever else they can think of to destroy the company as they have so many times before just for “underperforming” due to reasons out of their control. 🙄

  4. Hope the recent sucess of Amazon Workers Union inspire video game workers to realize they can to. Jacobin magazine is doing an excelenting job of covering the case.

  5. All the points regarding unionization and returning power to the workers are totally valid and worth hearing. BUT ALSO I REALLY WANT THAT CORSET WAAAAAT

  6. Holy shit, this outfit rules

  7. Given what Nintendo of America does to contractors, I’d love to see the US pass a law similar to the UK where, if a contractor works more than 12 weeks for a single company in a year, they’re legally considered to be employed by that company instead of their agency. Not that the US would, given their track record on worker rights, but still. It’d be nice.

  8. Good Lookin' Out Homie

    I liked that JSS’s next opponent was trash talking him in the background right at the start.

  9. Yeah worker for a big name home improvement company here, we got anti-union kool-aid down our throats at orientation and every once in a blue moon it shows up as a training video. We’re supposed to turn down an invitation to a union because “I trust *company* to protect my rights and won’t allow a union to speak for me”. Ironic.

    And god forbid you WHISPER about unionizing, and you’ll get escorted out by asset protection and a pizza party gets thrown to help employees forget what they just saw and the company gets to say “ooh we throw pizza parties for you aren’t we so wonderful please don’t unionize please please please”

  10. The harder a company tries to convince you you don’t need a union the more you do.

  11. Coming from a country where being in a union is as normal as breathing in air… It feels so alien to hear these stories of union busting or people going against their own benefit due to corporate propaganda. It’s shocking that its legal.

  12. YnobeSnapdragon

    I wish I could look that good in a dress!

  13. I feel like the growth of many companies has led to all of them thinking the same.
    “Feel privileged to work for us because we are (insert company name here). Don’t expect more than the bare minimum.”

  14. Don Juan The III

    Kill the neo-liberalism in gaming industry, embrace indie studios.

  15. to be fair, I haven’t ever experienced an instance where someone has actually benefited by being in a union.
    usually what happens is they strike putting everyone out of work for months generally resulting in everyone getting canned, or the business closes down because they can’t afford what the union demands… all the while you’re paying for the privilege.

    That said, companies should actually treat their workers well and most of them are not.

  16. Ugh, and here I was thinking Nintendo was one of the (relatively) good ones.

  17. Having hired, promoted, and fired many contractors and full-time employees at an IT company – there is a lot of fear that goes into giving contractors anything beyond what is in their explicit contract – at least in the US. Depending on where you work (and the type of person you are), those fears become part of how you operate and can shape your moral/ethical decisions while at work.

    While I don’t side with the on-staff doctor’s decision to not look at her (guaranteed this was fear of losing their six-digit salary over breaking company policy), the USA has some very specific labor laws regarding liability, what exactly constitutes a full-time worker, etc. While I think they could have at least called an ambulance, I can understand working somewhere with very strict rules on how contractors are treated and being afraid of losing their job for violating those. As many have mentioned, this is outside of the gaming industry.

    That said, I’d love to know more about what actually occurred as I’m surprised that not ONE person at the headquarters called an ambulance… especially if she’s wandering around the campus all messed up as described. I’ve been places where even if the full-time employees won’t do it, the security guards will… not saying the story is fabricated but I am questioning who all was spoken to during this bad visit. IE, why was a ride to the place or an uber the only option – why not an ambulance? I guess the answer is too expensive but at that point, I think that would have been the better choice.

  18. Looking good stephanie! I really love watching the channel and I hope everything is going well.

  19. Jagielski Gaming

    You know whom unions help? The union leaders. The union leaders get fucking rich off running the unions and the ordinary employees not only get to have what we call “fuck all”, but also are expected to pay for the privilege of belonging to an union. Sounds familiar? Because that’s how corpo boards and CEOs work.

  20. How dare we take steps against the rare, noble, and majestic billionaire. Not having their tricklings trickling down on us may prove disastrous for the future.

    Or… nah, I think they’ll be fuckin fine. 😄

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