The Glitched Attraction – Part 3

Here’s Part 2 of The Glitched Attraction! Delivered right on time the usual timely Markiplier fashion! You’re welcome everyone!

Horror Outro ►


  1. still says part 2 in the description lmao

  2. Hey uhhh Mark, the description says “Part 2” but the title says “Part 3” and I dont know what to believe

  3. Why are you carryimg about the desc

  4. springtrap is just there for emotional support

  5. Please play MADISON

  6. Keep up the awesome series bro love the FNAF fan games

  7. Since my brain has tuned into it, I’m going to point it out: Did anyone else notice how loud (and fast) Mark’s mouse clicks are?

    Like, how has this man not absolutely destroyed every mouse he’s ever used? XD

  8. I saw the fact it was 30 minutes first thing i said was “i might be late to school”

  9. This game is wonderful! This goes to show when the devs aren’t super overambitious like they were with Security Breach, they can make great games! A little more polish and I can definitely see this matching the vibe of Sister’s Location. Really cool! Also fun video Mark, keep it up! 😀

  10. ah hell nah, i almost dyed my pants brown when i saw that thumbnail

  11. Hi Markiplier,game Granny have few updates very cool,can you play it please 🥺

  12. Holy shit that was quick bros pumping shit out

  13. i think a signal that mark’s viewers are growing up is how people aren’t commenting jumpscare times in the comments anymore lol

  14. heyy amazing video man “!!!!!!!!

  15. Mark: I’m sure this is fine… yeah, I don’t need to read… Go!
    *20 seconds later*
    Ballora: Hello old friend
    Mark: wait… wait a minute… what do I do about this? HOLD ON!!
    Ballora: GOTCHA BITCH!

    CLASSIC!!! My 2 year old loves you! we watch you everyday!


  17. Can we get Mark to play Roblox Doors?

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