The Glitched Attraction – Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of The Glitched Attraction! Delivered right on time in the usual timely Markiplier fashion! You’re welcome everyone!

Horror Outro ►


  1. Who else was screaming “BONNIE’S MOUTH” until he found it

  2. I love how the last one he finds is the first one I saw

  3. Tbh i forgot about this game

  4. love you mark 😀

  5. Alessandro Cecconi

    11:50 book(mark)

  6. Markiplier they made a fear to fathoms 3 please stream it or make a video

  7. mark please go give rain world another shot.

  8. I don’t like him not being able to swear it’s unsettling 👁️👄👁️

  9. the outro is probably the coolest outro ive ever seen xD

  10. To be continued…

  11. Mark you should play subliminal game it has amazing graphics

  12. Im so happy that he remembered to play this game

  13. Hi Markiplier, what you do is amazing! I’m 14 and supporting a local charity for young refugees…. would you be willing to donate some money for this? I can give you allthe info about it!!

  14. Final Freddie’s

    Maybe Final Five Nights at Freddie’s? 🤔

  15. Pls don’t wait another two months to make pt 3 😭

  16. Xzavier Jordan-washington

    Mark I feel as if you’d die I would.. be. Nothing your giving the dad figure in my life and your amazing

  17. Anyone else have a Freddie’s and was just like wtffff?😂😂

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