BEHOLD, THE WORLD'S FIRST GIANT ROBOT DUEL, BETWEEN MEGABOTS, INC (USA) AND SUIDOBASHI HEAVY INDUSTRY (JAPAN)! Science fiction fantasies become reality as gigantic robots, piloted by their , go head-to-head in this historic battle!


  1. 1 dude robot had to fight 2 different bots..
    he distroyed 1, i call that a winner !!

  2. Great show thinking this is the first kind of show ever. There should also be an unmanned version of this fight.

  3. Sarantos Kolliniatis

    AMERICA WINS AGAIN!!!! USA! USA! USA! USA! Take that Japan! and fuck yall Weeaboo’s in the comments with you cringe ass Anime pfp lmao

  4. These robots are obviously down. The only cool things I found were the car used as cover and maybe the truss (it took me time to realize it was supposed to be a shield). Last, the “OMG I’m scared let’s run away” was pretty pathetic. I mean: I know I shouldn’t be expecting a death fight with real weapons but it feels stupid to hear stuff like “a paint-cannon dealing great damage to Kurata’s armour”. Still I loved Kurata’s 1-hit-knockout. The drone was pointless unless it had some sort of explosive or emp (Yes, I know it wouldn’t be safe…). Truth is Mechas are just too slow in this early years: I just saw another video with the very first walker, looks great but it has ~2mph max speed. Wake me up when things start to get serious.

  5. Dunno… may as well have two diggers/JCB’s fight each other…. Still, if they can actually make walking robots… then it’ll be better.

  6. Shinobi X Ighodaro

    8:55, now we wait for the One punch man memes.

  7. Wow….they should fire the marketing director…you couldn’t get a major network to broadcast the fight!

  8. I mean yea it was scripted to a point but it allowed me to fantasize about giants bots battling so fuck it! Enjoyed it and one day… beautiful day. We will have some epic advanced shit going at it and I pray to whatever gods are out there. I will live to see it.

    I need this to be a thing. The world needs it! Hell when aliens invade or some extra dimensional shit comes though, we will all need it!

  9. cool as proof of concept but needs a lil more work to be really entertaining love to see a rematch in a few years.

  10. Cool debut for giant robot fights. Disappointing fight in itself ‘cuz it felt like both built robots for construction demolition or something rather than physical combat. The chainsaw was such a cheap move too. This sport should be focused more on combat like it was portrayed in the Real Steel movie if it’s to be a fighting sport, not a destruction derby of construction robots ramming eachother & just trying to break eachother’s circuitry to disable the opponent. Robots should be required to have legs in order to move and stay mobile, like the DARPA robot designs that have actual purpose in their design for mobility and defensive capabilities like mounted weapons.

  11. What the hell why did they look so stunned after being knocked over? It wasn’t even that bad lol

  12. First robot battle in human history.
    Yeah, it wasn’t like… the most exciting match ever, but this is the first. We have mechs actively competing against each other.

  13. Having the pilots in them still seems like a bad idea, Means you cant thrash them

  14. That’ s not fair …2VS1…

  15. Waste of funds and time

  16. My two cents get rid of all the talking and get straight to the fighting in the future, I would watch this is there was more fighting and less bs. Also please remove the pilots from the bots, replace the paint ball guns with real weapons and conduct the battles out in the open on military testing ranges where live fire is allowed. Fight until one robot is destroyed. This would make the fights much more interesting. If not consider giving the teams a goal like capture the flag or king of the hill. If they’re not allowed to actually destroy each other to protect the pilots there needs to be some other source of tension

  17. The first robot is doom to fail due to the major design flaw, the balance-design (upon-side down triangle) is so poor that can barely move steady. And this is when the second one comes in and win the game, because nothing is more satisfying than watching American hero win, right? Even if the game itself is rigged, 2 (one by one) vs 1 in resulting of 1:1 and still claim American win. But you know what, who care, USA,USA,USA…!!!!!!!!!

  18. I mean, sure, he got his ass kicked, but this sets the stage for future Mechwarrior battles!

  19. Great idea but it’s way too scripted

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