The Game Industry Is Choking Itself To Death (The Jimquisition)

February was ridiculous. Anthem, Apex Legends, Metro Exodus, Far Cry New Dawn, and Crackdown 3 all going head to head, and all of them demanding a silly amount of time.

The game industry is an uncoordinated mess of market saturation and nonexistent long-term planning. The industry wide adoption of “live services” with long content “roadmaps” is already at breaking point.

Companies have their hands around their own necks and we’re supposed to believe everything is normal. This ain’t normal.


  1. Here’s another video of Jim doom saying about the “game industry”…which is apparently comprised entirely by a only the few large predatory companies. No one else putting out any video games. Just EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Bethesda, WB…no one else. Such a small industry.

  2. metro exodus is really not a time sink and its only a couple hours longer than the last metro game
    i know jim dint finish it because he didn’t like but i feel its a bit unfair to put what I think was such a lovely crafted game next money hungry ea games

  3. I always saw Ubisoft as the little brother who always follows the bigger companies. They don’t want to include him but their mother told them they have to

  4. Everything in this video so very true. Triple A companies are totally out of touch. That is all.

  5. When will companies realize that chasing trends is a recipe for failure?

  6. Games are starting to feel like a job. Thats why I loved the RE2 remake. You can finish it in a couple of hours and is highly replayable if you wish to come back.

  7. I work from home and I’m not on any clock or anything. I can earn as much as I want but I don’t because I pretty much have everything I need and want. What I want more than anything else is TIME to chill. I try to make time to play games here and there. And yes, I’ve had the chance to play the latest “AAA” releases recently. You know what I’m playing right now? Breath of Fire 3. A Playstation 1 game with a fixed story, a fair grind, no multiplayer, and no microtransactions. I started playing it after I got weary of the new Resident Evil 2 and I haven’t stopped since. I’m about to finish it and start playing Breath of Fire 4.

    The industry doesn’t get what Apple got years ago (and this is coming from someone who abhors Apple).
    There is beauty in simplicity.

  8. The game industry has always just followed the popularity of a game or genre by, for a while at least, destroying that genre for quick sales.
    With the Nintendo NES and SNES era’s platform games were all the rage and they released so many games that they almost destroyed their own industry with how many they put out.
    When the PS1 era came there was a HUGE surge of JRPG’s , I love a good JRPG, but the amount that came out over just a few years was ludicrous.
    With the PS2 we were inundated with adventure games that flooded the market.
    The PS3 era came with it the FPS over-saturation and now with the PS4 era we have the overflow of online multiplayer destiny clones and battle royale games.
    We also have the HUGE problem with lootboxes and microtransactions that is threatening to cause collapse as that business model is unsustainable.
    The gaming industry industry never learns and will continue to flood the market with “popular game” clones and cash grabs.

  9. Another reason to be excited for The Outer Worlds. A smaller scale, single player focused RPG with no micro-transactions. Not meant to spend weeks and weeks to complete. Meant to replay when you want in different ways to make it almost a new experience.

  10. It doesn’t help that all the kids are buying these games, growing up with literally the lowest standards possible.

  11. *random Dafoe noises*

    What a brilliant actor! Such an inspiration!

  12. Jim will make a positive video when things get better. Simple as that.

  13. I’ve noticed the same about the modern games industry, sadly. How they tend to pursue short term gains and ignore the long term consequences over and over again… and like you pointed out, there’s only so much consumer time/money to go around in the market during any given period.

  14. YAY, we’re bringing back Miniature Fantasy Willem Dafoe, I missed him.

  15. Cyberpunk can’t come soon enough, theres no other game like it.
    I’m tired of all these post-apocalyptic shooters, I just want a good RPG.

  16. 15:34 Given this segment, I can genuinely say, thank god for you, Jim.

    I’m glad you do this, otherwise, I may have had to take up the mantle myself way back when. I’m glad I discovered your channel long ago, as I practically mirror you in stance, and opinion. Glad I don’t have to drudge through this garbage industry to produce videos covering it. It certainly can’t be fun in the least.

    So, thanks for sticking with it really. You could easily shift stances to more “click friendly” bullshit, but you stand your ground, and that’s certainly commendable in its own right.

    Keep doing your thing, Jim Fucking Sterling Son.

  17. Drink a Beer and Play a Game

    Given the state of AAA games….Tetris 99 for early Jim Sterling GOTY?

  18. I’m old school. I only play single player adventures and move on.
    My gameplan: RE2, Metro Exodus, DMC 5, Sekiro, Days Gone, MK 11, Rage 2, Doom eternal, etc. You get the idea.

  19. Dinousaurs will die, smaller ones will survive untill they will be Dinosaurs, then Dinosaurs will die, then… wait did the Dinosaurs invent Capitalism?

  20. Games still have like 10 hours of content.. but you are supposed to play 1000 hours to find it.

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