The For Honor Chorus


  1. Seems like that character is op

  2. I like your editing

  3. Name of the song?

  4. The song is Anvil Chorus, and it will never not make me think of The

  5. This game looks like dark souls

  6. Hahahaha this is ALL people will do… GG Ubisoft, Another game I wont be
    buying… Never think that far ahead… idiots should let vivendi take over
    their company, Fuck Ubisoft. Garbage company, they’ll throw anything out to
    the public ready or not, doesn’t matter if it’s plagued with bugs or flaws
    like this, People are going to take advantage of this and use it as much as
    possible, This was supposed to be a game of sword fighting but they left
    ledges/cliffs in? I’m pretty sure that is a flaw, of course people would
    throw their enemies off a building but there would be NO HONOR in that,
    Which makes the game title laughable. For Honor? No Honor.

  7. this is so great

  8. stupid video. kill yourself faggot

  9. this made my week… thank you kind sir

  10. Awesome video! Great editing!

  11. Essential Craftsman

    I loved that part when you threw him off the cliff

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