The Fate Of The iBuyPower (CS:GO)

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Mungo Jerry – In The Summertime
Aerosmith – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
POC – Swords Crossed
Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made for Walking
GTA 4 Theme Song
Brian Tyler – Cristo Redentor
Brian Tyler – The Perfect Crew
Brian Tyler – Hobbs Arrives
POC – Jack Sparrow
Backstreet Boyz – I Want It That Way
Shinedown – Second Chance Instrumental
Skillet – Hero Instrumental
Position Music – Concrescence
Position Music – Catapult
Position Music – Expectations
Position Music – Outerlands
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Can’t Stop
Position Music – Beckoning
Move Forth (The Secession)
Position Music – Beckoning
One Day On Earth (Riptide Music)
Krale – Finding Light
Shinedown – Amaryllis

Ikr, that’s a lot of songs

Other credits:
(there is a lot of content in this so if you want to source of one of the clips leave a comment)

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  1. *Longest one I ever made, beating Astralis journey video. Took a while with this one :P*
    *Enter Karambit Doppler Giveaway!*

  2. I know, what steel, dazed, swag, etc did was wrong, but a lifetime ban is just too much. They served their time being banned from doing what they love and what they are best at.

  3. The fact that players like Kqly can play again and these players cant is a fucking joke

  4. CSGO Demo Reviews

    Nice job dude, really high production quality as always <3

  5. #FreeBrax

  6. What did pasha say? They don’t deserve..?

  7. Swag, one of the EUest NA players

  8. Great video man!

    Who’s watching dazed’s road to global elite?

  9. JustAnotherGamer

    Free Tyler1

  10. Kristaps Savnors

    That’s a good logo wasted, damm

  11. Valve will never let them play on the pro scene again. Accept it.

  12. IBP made ONE misstake and a cheater is allowed to come back in 2 Years
    Valve Logic
    and a dota2 team dos the same and gets only 12 months ban

  13. What if this vid gets so much attention that it actually contributes to them being unbanned?!!!

  14. I remember betting on the match that they threw, it was pretty new on CSGOL and rules within valve were not stated (correct me if I’m wrong). Sure I was upset losing some money for a good month or so and they definitely deserved to be banned, but not a life time ban. I expected a max of one year and life time if it happened again. What’s up with this indefinite ban? Just unban them already valve and the other team that threw (forgot the team name), seriously… You’re bigger crooks than they are with your terrible odds in the cases, plus getting younger kids into gambling by opening the damn cases. Good video nonetheless..

  15. #FreeBrax

  16. AwesomeKidsGames

    they’ll be unbanned in aug 2017 callin it

  17. #FreeBrax

  18. Pro NFL Players: Beats wife and gets a six month ban and a stern warning, still makes millions

    Young CSGO Pro Players: Matchfixs and has shown extreme remorse, loses their careers and chance to become some of the greatest Esports players in history.


  19. Unban them it would help the NA scene so much and boost viewership look at what happened with Swag.

  20. “Follow @StromyYT on Twitter -> Sorry, that account does not seem to exist any more.” Some people (including me) may miss those 5 entries due to an error in your gleam giveaway. Care to update or remove it (and the coherent entries with it for the fairness)? Nice video, they should be unbanned indeed. Valve shall look for another “example” if they really want to make one but this isn’t right (given the circumstances even ridiculous and overdrawn). two years? fine. lifetime? really? please…

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