The Evil Within 2 – What If Total Recall Was Zombies? (Jimpressions)

This is full of crates, the crates are full of stuff, and it’s free, all FREEEEEE!

No loot boxes here.

Jim’s Big Ego (No Relation):


  1. 2:40 People used to call that a “Hub World” structure, a few locations connected by a central hub.

  2. I’m gonna buy this because it doesn’t have any loot boxes

  3. “In this game, the boxes are free.”

    10/10 would shoot zombies again

  4. No offence Jim, but I respectfully disagree with you on your thoughts towards the type of games these are. Believe me, they have their flaws and I’m no blind fanboy.

    I would however, argue it is unfair to criticise intentional design choices like the clunky and dated controls, just because it doesn’t appeal to you. It’s intended to feel more like an older game. Saying that, the shooter sections in the late game don’t work with the clunkier controls. And I did personally dislike the inclusion of the SMG haunted. And Akumu mode. The game was not designed well for a no damage run.

  5. Dude stop sucking the dick of the publisher it sucks. I’ll wait for the one year retrospective to prove me right. Who paid you!

  6. In this game the boxes are free lmao

  7. Jesus Christ, is the first thing you do in this game actually a quick time event?

  8. What the hell with’s the screamer level INTRO sound??

  9. Well obviously the first game “felt last gen” when it was developed for last gen consoles.

  10. Jim Its Not Red Faction, You don’t need to run and alert all ! 😀

  11. I love RE4 on my ps2. Gotta love them old game systems that still live. Nice vid Jim.

  12. are you left handed? i ask because you’re about the same badness at shooting as me, and i am, so just wondering if it’s the same ish

  13. I sort of thought the first one was just eye-rollingly over-the-top in ways that undermined any and all scares. ENDLESS POOOOOOLS OF BLOOOOOOD WOOOOOO SPOOOOKY

  14. Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    I don’t like it. The fact that you are told from the very start that you’re put into “the sp00ky matrix” to find your daughter definitely removes the horror aspect of it as you know nothing is actually real.

    There is a reason why the first one left that little bit of information up as the grand “The Sixth Sense”-like twist at the very end.

  15. What’s this? A game that’s just a game? No gambling? No micro transactions? An actual complete experience? Now I know what I’m getting. Thanks Jim.

  16. So it’s like the last of us? I can see the similarities in your gameplay and I was wondering if it was any good, I might just get it after all 🙂

  17. I haven’t been watching you that long, but it was weird to hear you mention a father. I assumed you just spawned one day.

  18. I like how sterling kinda sucks at a lot of games but is still competent, Makes me wish i could watch a lets play of his.

  19. Disliked the first game, but this is so much better. I’m actually having a good time.

  20. Does anybody notice The Uncanny resemblance to The Last of Us? When Jim is in the neighborhood, this game looks like if the Last of Us was crossed with Nazi zombies.

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