The Elder Scrolls: Blades – Cynically Greedy Mobile Garbage

An experience unlike any other! A true Elder Scrolls game on mobile! Bethesda talked a big game about about Blades, but the end result is just another mobile con job.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a free-to-wait game where you watch timers tick away. Whether you’re building up your town or opening loot boxes, everything takes time, and the time can always be skipped… for a price.

A toned down Dungeon Keeper Mobile with boring combat and a deliberately unrewarding “reward” system, Blades is another shameless cash grab from a company that should know better.


  1. I gotta say…hearing the Donkey Kong 64 “Oh Banana” was more satisfying than anything I could see In Elder Scrolls: Blades. Bethesda truly suck at their job.

  2. Why am I now worried about TES VI? Like, arse-quiveringly worried?

  3. Oh great! Lootboxes!
    *attempts to pick them with 98 lockpicking*

  4. When I think of Blades, I’m always going to remember the Giant Bomb review, Brad trying his best to be diplomatic and fair and near the end getting so frustrated and saying “oh fuck this”

  5. Bethesda: releases *The Elder Scrolls: Blades*
    _[ Everyone disliked that ]_

  6. And some people wonder why a lot of gamers were rather upset with the prospect of Diablo going mobile.

  7. Well, Bethesda Softworks is totaly fckd up. It’s official.

  8. Infinity Blade came out in 2010. That’s 9 years ago.
    A 9 years old game did everything The Elder Scrolls: Blades is trying to do and it did it way better.
    Infinity Blade, the 9 years old game, plays and looks WAY better than this thing.

  9. it´s actually Elder Scrolls VI, but after watching the Diablo disaster they had to change the games title

  10. Wait 5H 37M to open this comment

  11. “Pure Elder Scrolls game” is early access mobile game filled with microtransactions.. Bethesda have fallen so low damn.

  12. Paying to OPEN your loot boxes FASTER?!? That’s a new low Bethesda.

  13. Khajiit has *microtransactions,*
    If you have *coins.*

  14. Did I read that right? $20 for a single chest?

  15. I guess this was an in season April Fools joke.

  16. im genuinely scared of what the next elder scrolls will look like

  17. Poison Cloud:reduce the amount of FPS and inflict damage over time

  18. Pure Elder Scrolls huh. Well guess I don’t need to worry about whether or not the next one will be any good.

    God I need a new hobby…

  19. Blades.. more like charades, as the microtransaaaction cascades. Cutting up content with switchblades, persuaded with fake upgrades, causing fans to fly into tirades about the shame and pain brought on by our favorite developers’ accolades get invaded by investors’ escapades.

    I remember a time when games were made to entertain and weren’t constrained by an uncreative financial incentives. Now the mass consumers are trained, our wallets are drained as live services are sustained, but none of the spark of imagination remains.

    The reign of triple ‘AAA’ is designed to prey and gamers feel betrayed.Words cannot define or convey the decay, there is no leeway and we are required to obey and feed the machine of the capitalist pay day.

    Gaia Kitten

  20. Lore-wise, it looks like inflation went through the roof during this period in Tamriel.

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