The Dismal Degradation Of Dynasty Warriors (The Jimquisition)

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Dynasty Warriors may be my favorite series – or at least it was – but Tecmo Koei has been taking the with it for years.

Much of what’s said here could have been said a long time ago, but Dynasty Warriors 9 was its last chance… and we all know how that went.

Oh, and this isn’t just about what they DID to Zhang He!


  1. A Pawn Called Bishop

    How did Jim know I was a flaming idiot?!

  2. Dynasty Warriors 9 sucks so hard that it could replace vacum cleaner in my house.

  3. Thank god for Jim Sterling, thank god for the Jimquisition and thank god for MONDAY!!!

  4. Who else has been waiting for this Jimquisition?

  5. All I can say is what happened to Dynasty Warriors. And I’ll say that at least several other Musou games are better such as Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors. Can’t wait for the Definitive Edition.


  7. This is why individual reviews and reviewers are pointless. I’ll be damned if I take a critical score of Zelda seriously coming a person who considers Dynasty warriors a more enjoyable game.

  8. What tecmo koei did was unforgivable. Well okay, I’ll forgive them, but only if they put my Dynasty Warriors OC in 10. His name is Jim He

  9. Dynasty Warriors Nine? More like… Dynasty Warriors Shite-Arse

  10. Damm So much Good content from Jim lately

  11. Autoerotic Assetflipsiation

  12. Fuck Konami and thank God for Jim Sterling


  14. Well… there’s a reason why Koei is jokingly refer by us Chinese as ‘Dark Shame’ (Koei’s Kanji can be translated into ‘Light Glory’ in Chinese).

  15. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    Hyrule Warriors is the best Dynasty Warriors game.

  16. The best Dynasty Warriors game is Hyrule Warriors.

  17. Realism is the worst thing to happen to gameplay in years. How many games have been ruined by out of touch douchebags who think replacing fun and engrossing gameplay with “realism”?

  18. Dynasty Warriors the series is basically the Sims 3 of action games. Far too much DLC, far too little actual changes in content, looks like shit and basically never works on PC. Ever.

  19. We should set up a petition to get Jim a Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares ripoff for video game publishers.

  20. Wait. Am I watching the same video more than once again?

    K. It’s a different one but he still talks about Zhang He’s claws. Zhang He is still gay

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