The Decline of GameStop…What Happened?

Everyone's favorite video game retailer has been on the decline. They're likely to continue falling at an accelerated rate and have no real plan in place on how to fight it.

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  1. The Great CooLite

    Gamestop: Give us that rare limited edition game, and we’ll give you 2 bucks

  2. I want Company Man to deliver my eulogy. Nobody could possibly do a better job explaining my demise.

  3. Company man makes a video about GameStop after its stock falls 30%
    *excellent move meme*

  4. I hear about the customer experience a lot, but honestly with the gamestops around where I live, I’ve never had any issue like that. They’re always friendly and helpful – they always try to upsell me on their protection plan or dlc or whatever, and that’s fine, I can understand it, but they’re never pushy about it. Maybe it’s the same situation, though, they’re ignoring most of what the higher ups want them to do, and can get away with it cause I live in a small town.

    Though, what’s killing Gamestop for me isn’t really even anything Gamestop is doing. We now have a local chain of game stores that is pretty much “gamestop but better” with an actually good rewards program not a lot of watered down experience. If I have a choice, I go with the local store, and not just cause you should support local over retail chain

  5. Alaskan tlingit

    @lostintime86 Yea at least the one I live by some even show up in tight GameStop t-shirt big titties no bra good advertisement, but it’s like GameStop sells games not a strip club.

  6. @Elen Degenerate Clearly a joke. Ms Degenerate…

  7. I’m actually shocked Gamestop’s still in business, or at very least isn’t like how Radio Shack was a couple years ago.

    • Well they aren’t technically losing revenue. Their profits have been taking a hit for 3 years however but not massively… yet.

  8. Christian Lopez

    It’s game over for gamestop, they will be joining Blockbuster and Radio Shack soon

  9. You forgot to mention people don’t want to shop at a place thats going to rip them off and try to add extra charges on their receipt shadily

    • The Credible Hulk Giving you 25 cents for a trade in is not a ripoff?

    • - cynicpsychic -

      @The Credible Hulk
      True true true. Sad day when downloads only are the medium…

    • - cynicpsychic -

      That’s typically on shit games that nobody wants…its called business.

    • Roc your traded in used game lost 89 percent of its value the day you ripped it open. Your shitty ps4 game is not worth 25 percent less of what u bought it for dumb fuck. Go sell it on ebay instead of being such a bitch

    • Sure, trading in most any newer game is a potential rip-off unless you abuse trade bonuses, but Gamestop doesn’t add “extra charges” on a receipt…they never have because that is illegal… Gamestop isn’t a Cable Company.

  10. WoerthMore Investing

    Another thing that hurt GameStop: paying a 12% dividend and not readjusting to their falling stock price.

    • They were probably too afraid that cutting dividends would send the stock price crashing. Too many companies drive themselves into the ground focusing on levitating their stock price when the core business is falling.

  11. You don’t even need GameStop for physical copies, you can buy them online.

  12. About the esports thing. They partnered with the Overwatch League team Houston Outlaws

  13. Gamestop fell 35% today…is this the most perfectly timed video ever?

  14. Gamestop:You want a buttfucking?
    Gamestop:oh it’s where we buy a game from you for 2$ and put it back on the shelf for 50$. We call it a buttfucking.

  15. I’ve been waiting for this!!!
    Thank you, company guy!!!

  16. Hideki Shinichi

    What happened? They sell refurbished 2ds for same price as smyths toys sells 3ds xl with game… New.

    Their prices are ridiculous… Thats whats happend.

    • can confirm. This Christmas GameStop offered USED 1st gen PS4 500 GB with outdated FIFA 17 for 220 euros, I went to other store called GAMEMANIA and bought a BRAND NEW PS4 1TB Slim with 3 games (Last of US, Uncharted 4 and Ratchet and Clank) for 249 euros.

    • Expendable Indigo

      Also begging for preorders every single time.

    • Aðalgeir Nóelsson

      Don’t forget the annoying attempts to sell used games that are like $2 off the new ones

  17. Gamestop just got… game… STOPPED..

    ill leave.

  18. I love how they sell nothing for $2

    At 9:52

  19. Without watching I know it has to be from digital downloads, Amazon, and sh!tty customer service.

  20. elemental z0mbie

    Me: Trades in 14 games
    Gamestop: best i can give you is some pocket lint and a paper clip

  21. *Bring in $100 worth of games*

    GameStop: I’ll give you 10 cents for the lot

  22. I think Rick from Pawn Stars got his negotiating skills from Gamestop. Just when you think you’re getting low balled, they have you redefining the meaning.

  23. I posted a quick story of my experience working there.. Its in the comments.. If anyone cares to read.

  24. @Alaskan tlingit I was a cute girl hired there, I actually really love games and collect them…I also know allot about many different games.. Its just a bad company bad practices..

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