The Death of Classic Anime

Today I extend my thoughts on a comment I made previously in my “Best of Anime 2018” video about the lack of modern classic Anime, since non of you could agree on it in the comments section.


  1. Sword Art Online is the classic that ended all classics by bringing in the reign of Isekai.

    Nah I’m kidding, we all know Isekai quest is a true classic.

  2. No matter how many years passed.
    #1 Still relevant.
    #2 Impact.
    #3 Quality *of feels*
    Forever a doggo

  3. When times are slow I get back to working my way through JoJo

  4. dudethatlovessongs

    And these new anime’s seem to also be shorter…and less in general….. 🙁

  5. Yu Yu Hakusho and Rurouni Kenshin were my classic anime to go to

  6. Trending!


  7. Paul Bryan Calbit

    Rakugo, banana fish, sora yori, made in abyss and houseki no kuni are personal classics for me. Those title changed my perspective to writing

  8. Not only filler season, but filler anime. Well said.

    • yes,exacly my thought i felt like every rom com anime is practically the same overused ”jokes” over and over.

    • Fun little behind the scenes fact:
      When he thanked his patron Michael at the end of the video for letting him use his line, this is actually the line he was referring to. I’m one of Gigguk’s patrons. Basically, Michael said this on one of our monthly hangout calls with Gigguk (which btw totally support him on Patreon if that sounds interesting) and Gigguk thought it was a good joke. He then politely asked Michael if he could use it in this video and Michael agreed.
      But yeah, support him on Patreon cowards

  9. My friend do not forget…

    Cory will always be in the house.

  10. Cough*gundam*cough

    The series always strike a fine balance between politics, poverty, and racism without ever striking at any specific real life nation or race.

  11. uh sir jojo will always be a classic

  12. KissxSis is handsdown the best classical masterpiece

  13. Whimsical_Cotton

    Made in abyss and houseki no kuni have a deep place in my heart and I do hope they are remembered for their greatness

  14. Waking up to Cartoon Network playing English Dubbed Pokémon with the OG Ash, Brock, and Misty

  15. The Story Teller

    I think the over saturation of Fan Service played a major role in the down fall of Anime over recent years.

    • +The Story Teller Not really, it is the same as it has been for a long time now. It is just easy to point out fanservice as a bad thing using mediocre shows as basis, but that doesn’t have an impact on the good anime that is coming out anyway (and fanservice itself is not necessarily a bad thing if well executed).

    • +Azrael Terminus This. Couldn’t have said it better myself

    • +shorgoth what no thats my favorite part…little tits…little bodies uhhhhggh

    • The Japanese themselves say otherwise 🙂 Like, how is JoJo not in their top 50 best anime?+shorgoth

    • As someone who makes an effort to discover semi-obscure shit from the 80s and 90s now and then I can safely say that fanservice (including nudity of girls of the “little” variety) has been a thing for like fourty years.
      People only look back at shows that survived the test of time, which relied less on that stuff, but if you take a look at mediocre stuff from back then, specialy the OVA releases, you’ll find about as much fanservice as you see today. I’d make a short list, but I don’t want to be that name-dropping guy.

  16. Vision of Escaflowne was a master piece. Not the stupid fan service kiddie anime wanna be emo edgy shows we have now.

  17. Sees “thick” in character optimization options.


  18. CONGRATS ON TREDNING OMG!!!! o yeah made in abyss definitly a classic

    • It’s not but ok.

    • Giorno GioStar Oh thank you for the comment. It definitely has a classic quality to it but it’s NOT a classic and it’s crazy to me how many people in this comment section are blindingly saying it is one. They don’t understand.

    • +Vladimir D
      Yeah there’s a really good video explaining in depth MiA flaws and how it uses wrongly and lazily the “mystery box” concept in writing.
      It’s on spanish though, so yeah:

      Good series, but so far, it’s far from more complex and actual classics of this decade like for example Shinsekai Yori.

  19. Anakin Skyobiliviator

    LotGH subreddit brought me here- holy heck, that’s a lot of Made in Abyss comments. Didn’t even realize it was a phenomenon.

  20. Friend: so, why do you love this game?

    Me: You can make your character *tHicC*

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