1. I dream for STERDUST to one day become strong enough at the whole wrestling thing to take on Uwe Boll and avenge the many video-game’s that the man has made terrible tax write-offs of movies out of.


  2. I very much agree to this and when publishers started talking about live service I rolled my eyes at the obvious problem.

    I used to play World of Tanks, Wargaming broke it over the course of a year and a bit. So, I stopped playing that live service title because I wasnno longer having fun and I guess I got burnt out. Next was World of Warships. Then World of Warplanes got patched to become a brilliant game. But, there was no way I could play all 3 live services at once. And I noticed this years ago when Destiny 1 was released. I only play one live service, the rest are fun story single player games.

    I have no interest in another game that will consume my life. I’d rather pay for a short and sweet content filled game. I have no time for another bland, slowly updating title that could be a lot of fun! But can also screw me over some time in the future.

    If any game developer reads this, if you make a really good, but quick game. You’ll get my money if it’s to my liking, filled with content, priced correctly and brings me join and entertainment.

  3. The funniest part of live services combined with digital downloads is they could put the end to publishers. After all the point of a publisher is to promote your product when you release it. To build up hype and get awareness out there in addition to manufacturing the product for retail. Well digital distribution removes the production aspect of publishers and soon with live services a company might only release one game a year or less. Who needs a publisher if your not making new games?

  4. Remember when video games were actually video games not live services?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers

  5. A spiral you say? Well look at Ubisoft’s logo.

  6. metal gear survive survive wasnt released, it escaped

  7. Jim always makes me thing of a benevolent Eggman. He may want to rule over us all, but it would be a nice rule with more wrestling and less AAA industry bollocks

  8. I feel sorry for anyone that bought Metal Gear: Survive

  9. I, in fact, look forward to the rise of games as live services only to see one or two games actually make it to the top and every other massively financed attempt all go down in flames at trying to be next Destiny or whatever. Imagine it lads, every major publisher suffering KOTOR levels of commercial failure! It will be glorious to watch!!

    ……..It’s kinda sad to realize this is the only joy that my old cynical heart can take away from the situation but you get your jollies wherever you can.

  10. “So what if I spent $1000 on Microtransactions. It’s my choice. It was WORTH IT.

    *Servers turned off*


  11. Listening to this, I just had the thought that they saw what pharmaceutical companies did an started raising prices but not provide cures, only treatments and increase the price required for those treatments.

  12. “That circle is a spiral.”


  13. I had an assignment in College to do where we were supposed to bring up a topic, pick a side, and debate for it. I picked the game industry and triple A publishers as the topic, and used stuff you mentioned and source material you used across different videos, and got an A.

    I got an Aon my assignment thanks to Jim Sterling videos, thank god for you.

  14. The All in one gamer

    I would love live services if they sold content worth the price and did not require a constant online connection

  15. There were many good games back in the late 80s that could improve to be a great game if the tech back then wasn’t limited. But now games are so maxed out by unnecessary graphic detail till the game content is far less than those good games from the 80s. Now they produce games that are 1/4 of a good game and start charging you for the rest that only sums up to half a good game.

  16. The legend of vengeful mosquito.

  17. Elder Scrolls Online 2014 – $15/month, mediocre game, game suffers to stay afloat.
    ESO 2017 – One time payment of $40, game is actively updated and introduces events, third healthiest MMORPG currently online.

    See the difference? When you make a game that semi-punishes your player base, your game dies. When you actually give a shit and treat your game as ‘a game’, you actually make bank.

  18. We’re trending in to a world where indie games will be the only “games” left.

  19. People are gonna get sick of the grind and this model eventually. And thats when tehy will cry and their goddamn stocks are gonan crash to the pits of hell where they came from.

  20. Sadly. It’s not just the individual games life service that’s an issue. Remember when PSN got hacked and was offline for upwards of 2 months? All those live services games were fucked.

    Great video Jim.

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