The Dark Souls Of Videogames ( Tasty)

You can call anything Dark if you just believe!


  1. Jim, you should have used “get gud”,I’m offended ,UNSUBSCRIBE!

  2. neat

  3. This is the Dark Souls of Comments.

  4. dfd

  5. ah! the tile game seems to be based on threes.

  6. thats not a match 3 game thats a 2048 or threes style game

  7. Sunny D is the Dark Souls of drinks

  8. Thesuperduperbooster

    I smell a nitpick theatre about people calling something “the dark souls

  9. I give this one… Pinwheel
    That’s low

  10. “Pinwheel” lol golden

  11. So the Dark Souls of Simulators will be a thing soon.

  12. Sad thing is I’m starting to get into programming so I can make games. All
    of these (besides grail) really don’t take a lot of effort besides the
    animation. Maybe they built they’re own engines and I’m talking out my ass
    but otherwise damn.

  13. dat soul to squeeze in the background though

  14. A turn-based game where even turning takes a turn is a bit much for a
    turn-based strategy game.

  15. Jim Sterling is the Dark Souls of YouTube.

  16. Blah blah praise the sun, blah blah git gud, blah blah Priscilla is my

  17. salt and sanctuary is the real inspired of dark souls.

  18. Get tasty stay itchy?

    Git Gud.

  19. The Dark Souls of being the opposite of Dark Souls

  20. I am the Dark Souls of cunts

  21. Slashy Souls: the Dark Souls of shitty mobile games that have no relation
    to Dark Souls

  22. Jim Sterling – complaining when he plays non AAA games and nitpicking about
    everything and Youtube. But when he’s obviously paid to show the same game
    over and over again, well THEN he’s satisfied.

  23. Please Mr Jim Sir put the names of the games in the description. Thank You
    and thank God for You

  24. Leafstormblaze billyt

    its sad state for a company like namco when a indie company who made salt
    and sanctuary can make a better 2d dark souls than Namco and gamespot, even
    though they have all of the moneys.

  25. Why is there always some ASS HAT the has to thumbs down every video :-/

  26. The Dark Souls of pornos. What would that be like?

  27. Still waiting for some cheeky fucks what think they’re the Zucker Brothers
    to make a shitty “parody” game calling itself “The Dark Souls of Dark

  28. I want the Dark Souls of Mahjong Solitaire

  29. This is the Dark Souls of comment sections!

    I have no idea what that even means.

  30. The Dark Souls of Videogames Is Minecraft.

  31. Dentorhedge De Mu

    Roguelike Dark souls? Oblitus.

  32. Why hate pinwheel. pinwheel has a nice design, nice music, and is in a
    interesting position in the lore. If any dark souls boss represents a low
    score it should be the carpadaemon

  33. . . . Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the entire action bar of
    the first game all skill icons from Tales of Maj’Eyal? Because they look
    just like the skill icons from Tales of Maj’Eyal. Which, you know, I almost
    don’t inherently object to as placeholder stuff in someones alpha
    version… But if you’re still using someone else’s assets, maybe you
    shouldn’t be letting the public see it?

  34. Dentorhedge De Mu

    Super Salt and Sanctuary, or
    LA-MULANA are the 2D dark souls.

  35. that tile game looks like a combination of Threes and Triple Town.

  36. I’d quite like to be The Dark Souls Of Anything, Really. Got kind of a ring
    to it.

  37. Games weren’t solely grey and black with the occasional orange. 0/10 – Too
    much colour

  38. DO IT

  39. Mordred Of Red (Ryuu)

    The only Dark Souls of something is Dark Souls, let’s face it.

  40. Have you never heard of the 2048 game, it seems to be related to that, the
    tile one it is.

  41. Sonic and the Black Knight is the Dark Souls of Sonic games.

  42. Hi Jim. I’m a huge fan of your and I really like this series. I do have one
    major criticism I’d like to see you improve, however. The editing on the
    video needs to match what you’re talking about more often.

    For example, for the first game you talk about beating the enemy and
    getting stuck in a waiting loop. I would like to see this while you’re
    talking about it, otherwise it’s just kind of confusing. Another example:
    at the end you’re telling us to check out Grail while showing us footage of
    the match 3 game. Again, very confusing. It’s an issue I’ve noticed for a
    lot of your tasty videos. If you could just fix this these videos
    would be so much better.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this if you actually are

  43. If you have to say you’re the something of something you’re probably not
    the anything of anything.

  44. God I’m so itchy right now!

  45. I see what you did playing some “soul to squeeze” at the start there Jim

  46. Hey Jim, you realize that the card game match 3 puzzle game thing is a
    complete ripoff of Triple Town for the most part right? Only difference it
    appears is graphics and it brings in the sliding aspect of 2048.

  47. Man, your ratings are superb. The last game definitly deserves Pinwheel :-)

  48. I’ve seen Grail before I think, maybe on Indie Impressions?

  49. Why does he say skellington and not skeleton?

  50. That matching game reminds me of Triple Town on mobile.
    You should check that one out Jim. I think you would enjoy that little

  51. The third game seems to be a remake of triple town

  52. if you haven’t already you should try salt and sanctuary it is literally
    2-D dark souls

  53. Dear Jim.

    I would just like to take this time to say thanks for all your content :)

  54. My penis is the dark souls of penises. Hard, a little too long and only fun
    with some jolly cooperation.

  55. The way Jim shouted “or phrase” killed the pilgrim.

  56. That match 3 game is literally 2048: Mason edition

  57. Free Fall Trials looks ALOT like TripleTown. Look it up, Jim. Might help
    you get this one (mechanics look about the same)

  58. Unit Z:The Dark Souls of Steam Greenlight

  59. There needs to be a dark souls of dating sims.

  60. DS3 should have used the tagline: It’s the Dark Souls of “it’s the Dark
    souls of” games.

  61. Deadly Profits, the Dark Souls of Imminent Uprising AKA Digital Homicide
    AKA ECC AKA The Romine Brothers Trainwreck gaming.

  62. I got a bad disease. Up from my brain is where I bleed…

  63. So I guess calling things the dark souls of something for now reason is now
    the dark souls of memes

  64. Heads Full Of Eyeballs

    Grail’s colour scheme is supposed to resemble an original Gameboy game
    played on a Gameboy Color, I think — the default colouration for those was
    greenish for backgrounds, reddish for animated things.

  65. Poor Pinwheel. He gets no love.

  66. Am I the only one that thinks Threefold Trials is just a beefed-up 2048?

  67. UncrownedPrince91

    pinwheel, the ultimate low score.

  68. Where I go I just don’t know,
    I got to, gotta, gotta take it slow.
    When I find my piece of mind,
    I’m gonna give you some of my good time

  69. Is Jim a big fan of Nightmare Before Christmas? Because they are SkeleTONS
    not SkelINGtons.

  70. Grael would be amazing on iOS and android

  71. Rectal jalapeños are the dark souls of relaxing weekends.

  72. Momodora reverie under the moonlight is the dark souls of pixel
    platformers. It has a alot of dark souls esk elements mixed in with smooth

  73. dark souls sucks

  74. Boglins are the Dark Souls of eBay

  75. I’d go with “Pick of the Litter,” rather than “the week” or “the episode”

  76. It’s almost like these people just compared stuff to Dark Souls when it had
    nothing to do with it at all… oh wait…

  77. Sean “DeViLzzz” DeMarco

    I was trying to enjoy Grail but I can’t get sword swing or shield blocking
    to work at all. I have pressed all mouse buttons and keyboard presses and
    nothing. :S

  78. I guess Soul to Squeeze is the Dark Souls of Red Hot Chili Peppers songs.

  79. Grail would be a great mobile game if it was longer. It’s kinda crazy that
    it isn’t.

  80. The first time the person told me, what there are other games – I just shot
    a guy 7 times. 7 cocking times, alright? What a smelly piece of bull! Other
    Games? Blasphemy! What kind of world he thought we live in? Certainly not a
    world with more than just one game, that’s for sure. Well, bastard got what
    he deserved.

    Also, Dark souls on 3ds sucks big time, ya nintendo pricks couldn’t handle
    the only game in the world.
    But let’s just wait and pray, what pachinko Dark Souls would be just as
    good as it was in the trailer. FuckNintendo, you pricks. Fucking pricks.
    PRICKS! PRIEEEAAAKS! Oh, and thank god for Jim Fucking Sterling son.

  81. Soul to squeeze… nice touch.

  82. Hi, Sleepless Temple dev here.

    I just wanted to thank you Jim for your honest review. I dreaded this day
    and my heart stopped when I saw my game here. There was a lot of fair
    criticism but, to my surprise, it was all in the feedback loop without
    traversing into trashing game itself. While I knew you give credit where
    credit is due and you trash what deserve to be trashed, I was under
    impression that this game is worthless in this state.
    First release (v0.01) was rushed to get on time for The annual roguelike
    release party (ARRP) 2015, which was big mistake in retrospect. Thanks to
    hacky/dirty code and quick burnout – by pushing myself too much – I
    released v0.01a and v0.01b (which you were playing) before I stopped
    working on this.
    There are lessons to be learned from this, starting with, don’t write
    “heavily inspired by Dark Souls I, Dark Souls II and Demon Souls games.” in
    game description till you have something to prove on it. Also stating on
    the website that I stopped working on the project and stating *on top* how
    bare bones game is, would be the second lesson.
    The fact you liked turn-based premise confirmed my belief that basic idea
    is good and if I decide to get back to it I know I have something to build

    Anyway, just wanted to say that you really made my day, and gave me
    valuable feedback, thanks.

  83. Commander Applejack


  84. If all these are the dark souls of what ever they claim to be then I claim
    to be the dark souls of chubby white trailer trash.

  85. Git gud stay ded.

  86. Is the best to start with dark souls the original or 3? I don’t want to
    have dig my xbox 360 out of its shallow grave under the patio.

  87. Dark Souls is the Dark Souls of video games.

  88. FirstName LastName

    But Jim, Pinwheel wasn’t all that bad. The only problem with it is that
    most players fight it late into the game. That boss can be pretty
    challenging if you fight him right after you get to Firelink Shrine. The
    mechanics of the fight are pretty well designed and would work well if the
    fight lasts for a bit. Also,he has a cool OST.

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