The “Dark Souls Of” Awards [2017]

This jokingly titled, arbitrary awards show allowed me to come up with five categories that covered all of the games I desperately wanted to critique this year:
1:04 – The Dark Souls of Soulslike Games
5:33 – The Dark Souls of Difficult Video Games
9:04 – The Dark Souls of Digital Card Games
18:29 – The Dark Souls of Battle Royale
21:42 – My Game of the Year Candidates

►Vote on your GOTY (sorry if I miss anything):

►Gwent Resources:

To learn how to play:

1. Download and run “GwentUp”, an important deck-tracker addon:
2. Complete all the tutorials with the provided starter decks. Find a faction you like. Buy kegs.
4. Choose a deck you want to build towards. Here are some resources:

Meta Snapshot:
Deck Sharing Website:

5. Play Ranked ASAP!

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SUBTITLES (please contribute your own with the link below!

►To Phoks of the CE forums, for his work on the tables that improve the quality of my videos.

►I’d like to give sincere thanks to all my patrons – your contributions have changed the course of my life, allowing me to put more emphasis on video production in the future.

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  1. This video was the Citizen Cane of the Dark Souls of Awards videos.

  2. Hey vaati, I’ve been watching your videos since your dark souls 1 prepare to cry series. Over the summer I’ve missed watching your videos, but obviously there wasn’t much Souls content to create, so it was understandable. However, I think the best move for your channel is to create videos on other games (during the Souls games down time) you still need to make money and I’m sure your channel took a hit with the lack of souls content. In my opinion, when there isn’t much to talk Souls wise, I would love to hear your opinions on other games, maybe even hear Lore videos on other games.

  3. Praise the motherfucking sun Vaati’s narration is good

  4. Dark Souls is the new “Rogue like”, covers a specific kind of game but is almost never used in that context.

  5. You tearing into Hearthstone, made my day

  6. I really enjoyed this video man, it’s refreshing to hear you talk about other games, it’d be cool if your channel slowly transitioned that way, I mean you can only talk about dark souls for so long you know.

  7. Nier Automata

  8. I just hate the souls-like comparison because of how terribly often it’s used, and how misused it is at that. Breath of the Wild is not like Dark Souls. Saying something is hard does not equate it to Dark Souls. Z-targeting style combat does not make something like Dark Souls. Difficulty does not make something like Dark Souls. It’s a little disappointing to see Dark Souls dumbed down to such simple concepts.

  9. Hollow Knight GOTY 2017 EZ

  10. Everything is Dark Souls the same way everything is a Jojo reference

    – Pewdiepie 2k17

  12. Mild Mannered Twat

    The Dark Souls of actually uploading videos to your channel that we want to see

  13. First 2018 video has to be a fantastic one. Great ?ideo Vaati. And also happy new year to everybody, too <3

  14. Nier: Automata

  15. It’s a shame that hell blade didn’t return any sort of proper advertising. That game is my GOTY the motive behind the games creation is absolutely amazing a must play imo.

  16. Vaati I *LOVE* it when you are sharing other than souls series or bloodborne. I discovered this with your collaboration with criken. Please continue doing what you like

  17. I know you cover lore of dark souls but can you upload gwent

  18. I am glad that you covered Gwent and even chose it as your game of the year 😀

  19. I’m glad that Gwent got some recognition, such an amazing game!

  20. I only think PUBG is good when playing squad with friends and succeeding through teamwork. The solo experience is honestly pretty mediocre

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