The Culling Returns With Absurd “Pay-To-Play-To-Pay-To-Play” Business Model

The Culling is back, because apparently The Culling 2 wasn’t humiliating enough. The Culling: Origins is coming to Xbox One with a downright baffling business model – $5.99 to access the game, but you can only play it once a day unless you pay even more money.

You can purchase match tokens, or go with a subscription-style pass that represents so much better value that the mere existence of paid tokens is its own confusion. Previous customers get the game for “free” but will be subject to the same daily restrictions.

It would be a tough sell from literally any company, but a company that had a massive disaster with a previous entry in the series? It’s just… bizarre.


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  1. 1 person per 100 gets to play again straight away.

    Can they imagine why the servers will be dead?

  2. ”for years to come”

    Sure, if by years you mean days.

  3. Imagine this being future of gaming costing money to play the game every time please stop this now disgusting

  4. I forgot this game even existed, and after this video I’ll probably forget again.

  5. I feel like their server system consists of an aluminum coffee can, several hamsters, a slinky, plastic straws, and a can of sterno. Would go with the ‘business model’.

  6. Imagine if what they stayed with what worked instead of chasing the dragon.

    Yes, I mean they’re on drugs.

  7. This is unreal. Straight up sounds like satire

  8. Jim Sterling, Official The Culling 2 World Champion!

  9. _The only thing good about The Culling coming back is people get to dunk on Xaviant again._

  10. I think they thought about how arcades in the ’80s worked and they said: “yeah, that will bring in the money”…

  11. MTX’s have finally gone full circle and turned this PC game into a money eating arcade cabinet.

  12. “Barely anybody plays our game what should we do” says one developer standing up to reveal his spongebob squarepants boxer shorts,
    “I know what we are gonna do” says another developer pulling their foot out of their mouth. “We should charge players extra if they want to play more than one game a day.”

    A third developer briefly stops huffing compressed air from a spray can “yes let’s action this”

  13. Imagine pulling your game for lack of players and then deciding it needs a mechanic where what players you have can get in one game a day, or pay you to play more?

    Not even going to get 11 people in the lobby, not even with “free” tokens.

  14. “The Culling is comming back.”

    ME: Who?!

  15. We get a one-day-ban upon losing. I can’t imagine the toxicity if this was team-based.

  16. Jacob Saunderson

    “this doesn’t look like a sustainable buissness model”

    i’m even sure I can muster the words to build the foundation, of calling it sustainable

  17. Pretty sure this is just some money laundering scheme at this point

  18. “Buy the game for the privilege of paying to play the game!”
    Everyone: “wut?!?”

  19. DarthVaderReviews

    Guys, this is actually genius. They’ve optimised their game for sustainability to keep server costs low- If nobody plays, server costs will be literally free because the game won’t even need servers!

  20. Captain Titforce

    “for years to come” sounds like something that was said about Anthem sometime, somewhere.

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