The Complex: Backrooms Found Footage

The Complex is a thorough exploration of the backrooms. Very atmospheric and I go VERY insane as I explore.

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Horror Outro ►


  1. The biggest difference is that there’s multiple levels and alot less stairs

  2. nice slender video

  3. I peered into the depths of darkness in this game and found a horrifying image that scared the daylights out of me…my face reflecting on the screen 😭

  4. This game seems to be based on the Backrooms series that Kane Pixels has on his channel. If you haven’t seen it, it’s highly worth checking out.

  5. I could just watch a livestream of somebody, anybody, walking through the backrooms for 5+ hours or so. It’s so relaxing

  6. There is a Creepypasta story that explains The Backrooms in more detail, Mr. Creepypasta narrated it some time ago. I recommend checking it out! Especially if you want to learn more about it ^^

  7. 2:19 me every recording i make XD (iz stressful)

  8. why is the youtube gaming game the slender-man one?

  9. Why is the video restricted?

  10. bbbbaaaaaaaccccckkkkkk

  11. Rrrrooooooommmmmmmsssss

  12. iš spoooookkkkkyy, ̴̴̴̴̨̨̨̨̰͍̥̰͍̥̰͍̰͍̥̇̔̇̔̇

  13. The funniest thing in this whole video was Mark bringing up red dead redemption 😭

  14. Probably wrong, but I believe the backrooms are a part of the SCP universe or run parallel with it

  15. Who else got jumped after hearing backrooms 2

  16. @markiplier you can escape the original backrooms game
    i did once i was so hyped when i did XD

  17. This game’s camera movement, visuals and lighting is super hyper realistic! How did they do it? Its exactly like a watching a tape, really superb and mind blowing. Just imagine if horror games looked so real

  18. God, can you imagine this in VR?! It looks so realistic in ways I’m not learned enough to explain as well as other commenters, but if the camera movements were motion based and right in front of your eyes, it would feel like you were actually there, going insane

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