The Climb Teaser

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The Climb brings alive the excitement and thrill of rock climbing in incredible virtual reality. Players will scale new heights and explore stunning environments in a new gaming experience developed exclusively for VR, using the power of CRYENGINE™.


  1. Cut off hands kill immersion. Rest looks great.


  3. This has got to be the dumbest idea for a game I’ve heard in a long time.
    “Hey Bill, you know those incredibly slow and boring segments in games
    where you have to climb upwards and sideways on walls in order to get to
    the actually fun parts? Let’s cut out the fun parts and make a game with
    only that.” Playstation VR gets awesome dinosaur adventures and PC gets
    Tedious Simulator 2016. Stay classy, Crytek.

  4. nice floating hands

  5. Gamers are a bunch of negative dicks. Tons of people work almost the whole
    days for a very long time on these games and people just bash them because
    they aren’t on their favourite platform, because they’re different or
    whyever. Lighten up.

  6. We will never get another proper Crysis game. Shoot me in the head.

  7. Fuck this shit

  8. Creepy chopped off hands.

  9. I for one like the idea, but im also myself working on a similar hobby
    project all though it’s not using VR… The controls are sure a pain in the
    arse, so using VR for controllers is a great idea i think.

  10. Fuck you Crytek seriously fuck you.Where the fuck is the new Crysis?Why the
    fuck you let down PC gamers?I fucking swear if you didn’t have Star Citizen
    to get your engine(kind of) and Kingdom Come you would have gone
    bankrupt.Seriously get your shit

  11. Dubious Dick Gaming

    Ah, yes,the new Rayman Ive been waiting for

  12. And where is the dinosaur project? Will the game come out, or its just a
    small show off like that one with gameplay lenght of 5 minutes? Anyway this
    looks breathtaking though, it just looks better than real life. The colors
    are honey for your eyes :)

  13. My arms are tired already!

  14. Just make fucking first person video games that work with VR, why is
    everyone so desperately trying to turn VR into just another gimmick.

  15. Oh Crytek, you’ve fallen enough.

  16. Cant wait!!!!

  17. SaintAlia_of_the_Games

    Is there like a Myst-style game in VR? That’s the only type of VR game I’d
    want to play, a moody atmospheric game, maybe some light coming out at you
    type gimmicks with a focus on puzzles, adventure, sightseeing and story. I
    fear the overly action stuff could easily give me a headache. But in
    general that’s the type of game I’d want to be fully immersed in while

  18. Looks like a really boring game.

  19. not my cup of tea but beautiful graphics…we are gamers…. guys be
    alittle open minded…

  20. Рустам Вронский

    the rgaphics are good

  21. Why minuses? If you don’t like it, don’t play it, but also don’t spread
    your negative vibe.


  23. Rayman Hands! HAHA
    Game Looks Amazing

  24. ArmPack – 4,99

    no seriously, include some arms : without them it’s breaking the

  25. was this the “big announcement?”

  26. Great concept! I hope they change the yellowish color tone and make the
    game look more vibrant

  27. Sick logo dude

  28. Fuck Crytek, with Ubisoft the biggest Son of Bitches of the Gaming
    Industry,no one shoud buy an Games from These Companies!!!

  29. What’s next? The walk?

  30. БуЗЗеР! ВПЕРЁЁЁД!!! классно!

  31. Literally every single kid complaining about the ‘hands’ has never ever
    used VR.

  32. Enough of this exclusive bullshit. There’s no reason to hold the game
    hostage for other users. God forbid I happened to buy a vive instead
    because it’s a better machine. No the only thing positive about the Oculus
    seems to be, if you don’t buy our headset we wont let you play games. Fine,
    I’ll happily ignore your game, but just remember that you willingly chose
    to exclude a large portion of your already small market. And when you fail
    don’t expect sympathy.

  33. New Rayman game is going in an odd direction.

  34. damn my dream was making a climbing mmo you actually made , good job

  35. Featuring ‘Thing’ from The Addams Family

  36. holy crap that logo is amazing. game looks awesome too

  37. No one is concerned this is an oculus exclusive? This is the second title
    now to be locked to oculus. This is potentially a death sentence to VR. If
    games become VR platform exclusives it just hurts the entire VR industry. I
    do not want my PC VR experience to be treated as a console. We need all VR
    games to support Vive, OSVR, and Rift. Not just the Rift because Facebook
    is throwing money at developers.

  38. The fact that there is no character model bugs me. I hope they add it later

    Apart from that it looks amazing

  39. What is this? Evil Dead?

  40. it would be cool to see a game like this but for urban environments. like
    those crazy dudes who do it in real life! lol

  41. I could climb….or I guess take a helicopter? I’ll just take the

  42. looks fun

  43. These beautiful tropical islands remind me – make freaking Crysis 4 happen
    and not this cheap-ass VR crap! Please.

  44. That logo is really nice and smart!

  45. Man I cannot wait to play The Climb 4 on these sweet 8K Oculus goggles.

  46. Camera highjacking

  47. PSVR support?

  48. Epic *-*

  49. My only question is what VR headsets will be able to run this at the 90fps
    at 1080p (on two screens) needed to perform evenly and still look that
    good? That is without an absolutely beastly machine.

  50. Finally something refreshing. 🙂 Looks absolutely fantastic, can’t wait to
    see more.

  51. I will wait for arms DLC.

  52. Well, that looks… shallow. Only climbing? I’m not sure the new medium
    will be enough to stem boredom. This is not the way of VR

  53. this looks beautiful, can’t wait to try!

  54. There is way too much negativity in this comment section. Obviously the
    final product will be a way different experience with the device on your
    head. It most likely works better this way with only the hands being shown.
    And the game looks amazing.

  55. Crytek türk şirketi değil mi amq :D

  56. Please make a VR beach and pool simulator.

  57. imagine if its a sexual game and learning how to grab a tit in the tutorial
    with that hands… damn

  58. The Addams Family HAND , The Game .

  59. The Experience. The visuals. Incredible! They’ve developed something that
    looks boring as shit!

  60. Hey Crytek, how about new Crysis game?! Or… any AAA game?


  62. That is one of the coolest logos I’ve ever seen. And the game look

  63. If you’re arms don’t get tired, then I’m curious to see how they
    incorporate any challenge or thrill.

  64. As a real rock climber, while the concept is cool, this is definitely not
    as awesome as it could be. The climb pictured looks easy and rather boring
    and repetitive. Feel free to ask questions.

  65. It’s Rayman!

  66. So far this is a cool demo. As a full game it’s a piece of shit

  67. “Keep the faith baby! It’s all about iut’s all about the climb” Looks
    awesome but please do something with those Addams Family hands. Please
    don’t put the rest of the arm in a DLC! Thank you!

  68. crytek went full retard

  69. I love the gloves. The dyno to that easily reachable jug. This game truly
    encapsulates the experience of “real” rock climbing. Color me impressed.
    Now anyone can be the next Alex Honnold and Dean Potter.

  70. rayman climbing simulation

  71. Way too gimicky

  72. That horribly claustrophobic field of view though, I can feel my head
    hurting already.

  73. Nice hands, feet!

  74. FarCry 4 x Rayman: The Climb!

  75. As a rockclimber, i find this highly offensive. This is not how to climb.

  76. I see you play as Rayman :).

  77. Oo I get to climb Pandaria

  78. Rayman is the main character? ahahhaha just joking, nice teaser :)

  79. Flying disjointed hands? Really?

  80. Nice game, looks like it could be some fun tbh.. I’m a rock climbing lover
    myself tho :D

  81. Arms will be Day 1 DLC from Gamestop! The rest of the body is in the season

  82. It’s so beautiful holyyy shh**.. But that chick saying “achieved….”
    reminds me of only Crysis hah

  83. So it’s a bunch of videos that play when you press buttons then? A walking
    simulator with even less gameplay?

  84. Whenever I see a demo to a VR game, my impression is always the same…”I
    guess you have to be there”

  85. y u have no arms?

  86. rayman

  87. looks cool

  88. This is like real mountain climbing, only for fat people, cowards, and fat
    cowards….I mean, for everyone!

  89. hey as long as it’s good I do not care, but if you cross all formats you
    earn more money, as for VR being a gimmick well let’s see why so meny
    companies have invested so much into it including HTC.

  90. Where is Crysis 4? :D

  91. That Far Cry feeling at 0:42.

  92. Beautiful environment, wasted on a dull sport.
    Gimmie some guns

  93. Is this Rayman after he became a competetive climber?

  94. if you fall in this game, you will only break your hands,so no worries :)

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