The Chosen Warriors – More Literally Unplayable Nonsense (Direct To Video)

It literally has Skeleton Warriors it and I can’t play the bloody thing!


  1. Jimmy boy you heard about that father who was killed in a swatting the other day?

  2. *At least it doesn’t have any Lootboxes*

  3. i c a jim vid, i leik

  4. Everyone gotta admit direct to video is a funny damn title

  5. Jedifan was too early with his Best of Jim Playing the Worst Games of 2017 video

  6. Redulus…?
    More like Unreadylus!


  8. Anyone thinks that the dev here doesn’t know what he’s doing?…MAYBE!

  9. Well, it did say handling 1.5/5 in the stats screen.

  10. Jim’s going to make a montage of all the shitty games he’s played this year, but each game will be a single frame in the montage.

  11. Well there’s your problem. The game is called Chosen Warriors, not Playable Warriors.

  12. So… one of the ‘ogres’ is just a warhammer orc, and he’s basically just remade the old megadrive Golden Axe games, down to the little rideable dragons in the trailer. Yet somehow made it WORSE than a game released in 1991?

  13. Well, this game looks like a bagful of c-SKELETON WARRIORS

  14. Yay, someone finally using “literally” correctly 😀

  15. You don’t understand Jem. This is the kind of games I want on my steam account. I don’t really have time to play all the games on my steam account anymore, Jum. So i like games that don’t function because that way I don’t feel bad about not playing them. Anyway Jam nice video loved the time you said skelington warriors. Goodbye John.

  16. This reminds me of the early 2000s – I would look up for abandonware from the 90s (back then the interwebs was still in its infancy, so while you would find the games on Abandonware sites, you hardly would find any manuals or info or even walkthroughs on them) and try to play it and… there was just dozens of dozens of games that were literally unplayable.
    The irony is that they looked often exactly like these Steam games you report on.

  17. Jim the game is just cosmetic, you don’t have to bitch about it. Give it time , have patience.

  18. They couldn’t even get the name of their own character consistent! On character selection, he’s Redulu–in game, he’s Redulus.

  19. Look at the bright side Jim. If you can’t play the game, you can’t lose!

  20. But it’s still the PC masterace right ? ???

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