The best way to finish an aram

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A funny ending I had in my aram

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  1. XxMinecraftLova27xX

    Buff Miss Fortune pls

  2. how the fuck are you going to get backdoored on a map with 1 lane

  3. thomas_irl

  4. dat ult from kled…

  5. how does this shit hit reddit? how sad

  6. Xpeke is proud of you

  7. Lord Darth Anger

    echo fox vs flyquest

  8. HawHawNeverLucky

    Locked cam Kled ult LOL

  9. Rudreshuar Galangco

    That ori ult. So clooose

  10. Thats being pussys, you fight till u die bitch, thats what aram is all about, not strategic bullshit.

  11. to all you reddit fucks disliking for no reason at all, i hope ur mother dies of throat cancer

  12. Veshsare N'eshaz Quoron

    This is aramporn

  13. autism kled

  14. Oooh, cheeky!

  15. I was waiting for the inhib to spawn XD

  16. CrazyChallenges

    Hey bud can i post your video on my Fb page? I will credit you

  17. wow, that anivia was straight trash

  18. in chat:

  19. that kled ult was so bad could’ve been better

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