The Artistic Arrogance Of A Horrible Hollywood Hedgehog (The Jimquisition)

The Sonic The Hedgehog movie looks dire, and the CGI monstrosity masquerading as Sonic himself makes me sick. Genuinely.

As Paramount now scrabbles at the last minute to redesign him following intense backlash, let’s pick Sonic the Manhog to shreds and chat about Hollywood’s artistic arrogance.

Historically, moviemakers love to exploit nerdy licenses while simultaneously being ashamed of them. But history is in the past, and we’re in a new era of accepted pop culture geekery.

The world has evolved, but Hollywood’s take on Sonic the Hedgehog is rooted in the past.

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  1. They’re not hurriedly redesigning him, they already have redesigned him. They’re undoing their already redesigned design.. They’re hurriedly UN-redesigning him. ?

  2. Obviously you have to make the blue, anthropomorphic, electrically charged, super fast, EMP-generating hedgehog feel like a part of this world.

  3. Now I gotta to see Jim go FAST. Run Sjönic the Hedgehjög!

  4. “Everyone at Paramount & Sega are fully commited to making this character the BEST he can be…”
    Don’t drag Sega in the mud, it’s Paramount’s fault, Sega’s design was never the problem, Jeff Fowler.

  5. I mainly watch Jim sterling because I find his takes on what goes on in the gaming industry interesting and enlightening, that fact that he sometimes does it while wearing a gimp mask, is just a bonus.

  6. The true horror behind this film is: *CRUNCH TIME MOTHERFUCKERS!*

    Six months left and now they have to work a miracle. ?

  7. Robert Williamson

    I never realized that Jim in a BDSM mask is exactly what I need in my life…

  8. Body Horror!!

    There’s the definition I was grasping for.

  9. Brundlehog

    F*cking nail on the head there, mate. xD

  10. Blackadderthefourth

    Remember when the Cornflake homunculus was the creepiest thing on Jims channel

  11. Also, shave off the rest of your hair, Coolio! Have some dignity!

  12. I wish someone loved me as much as Jim loves Mysterio.

  13. “Maybe I’m too out of touch.” -Jim Sterling wearing a Sonic costume and leather gimp mask

  14. Cinderheart MLP

    You commissioned furry art for a gag on a show you don’t even monetize.
    I’m impressed at your dedication.

  15. It’s Sonic The Hellspawn.. not Hedgehog! get it right man!

  16. Ah yes, the internet’s oldest rivalry Jim Vs. Coolio.

  17. “It speaks to a lack of confidence that the IP will sell on its own, despite the fact that it was literally sold TO THEM.”

    That is just, brilliant.

  18. On the DVD there is going 1Hr 40 mins of “deleted scenes”

  19. I think a legitimately good Sonic movie is possible… just not a live-action one pumped out by Hollywood execs.

  20. Martín Síndrome Camargo

    “He looks like he escaped from Toontown to pull your fingernails out”

    I’M DED

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