the adventures of loud guys

enjoy my very loud friends


  1. I’m suing for defimation of character

  2. This guy has problems.

  3. the warwick thing is supposed to be like this btw

  4. LMAO 3:20

  5. raging in urf,fresh level of autism

  6. heh mentally ill people are funny right guys? 🙂

  7. Didnt know Tyler1 was british now

  8. I wanna play with this guy so bad, hmu

  9. are on euw? add me i wanna play with u guys pls

  10. This guy isn’t even that bad.

  11. Not a single player in the calls was mentally stable, I’m not sure who the “rager friend” was, seems like all really.

  12. what’s his zodiac sign? leo?

  13. Please tell him how bad he is and record the reaction lel

  14. “this will affect me for the rest of my life, this stupid plant”

  15. im so glad women ruined video games so i don’t have to get mad at them anymore

  16. 7:08 finally someone else gets it

  17. typical braindead warwick brain

  18. that ping though 🙂

  19. OY VEY M8IE xD __!!!!!!

    I see you have quite the collection of lads from all over the UK, from my experience Irish are the worst, high rage thresholds combined with low testosterone levels and low impulse control = one mad potato munching pikey cunt, the kind of guys who play skyrim nonstop just because the NPCs in that game are more complex and have better dialogue than your average scummy irish person, oh and atleast everyone is well fed in skyrim, 50iq ratkid Irish subhumans cant even grow crops properly.

  20. What program do u use, to see whos speaking ? I mean the bars on the left side.

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