The ‘AAA’ Industry Can’t Be Trusted To Regulate Its Gambling Problem (The Jimquisition)

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The game industry is currently making a performance of tackling the loot box debacle, and a performance is what it is.

The ESA announced that console makers will require the odds for in-game gambling purchases to be disclosed. They only did this after the FTC got involved, and they’re only doing it to make a show for the government.

While the ESA and game publishers pretend to be proactive, it’s important to stress that the “AAA” game industry cannot be trusted to regulate itself. It had that chance, it’s repeatedly blown that chance, and it won’t ever take that chance seriously.


  1. Sorry Jim, I just can’t subscribe until you snort ground meteorites for us whilst wearing an outlandish ladies hat.

    I have very specific needs…

  2. If they have no real world value, why do I have to pay real money for them?

  3. Wait. Hold on. so if he drinks jewels, does that mean he sweats them and that is how they end up under his hat?

  4. Less than 1% is still not specific enough. They couldn’t help but obfuscate things even when disclosing the odds.

  5. Name 1 industry where self-regulation has ever had a positive influence or even worked in the first place. Car industry? Nope. Banks? Forgot about the 2008 crisis, have we?

  6. How do lootboxes enhance the experience? Legitimate question. They always say this but they never say how.

  7. slap a game containing lootboxes with the Adult’s Only AO rating and see how quickly they disappear.

  8. We were invaded by aliens long ago. They turned out to be the Ferengi and decided to just become executives of AAA game publishers

  9. Maybe the question is wrong. We shouldn’t ask if loot boxes are gambling, we should ask if they are addictive.

  10. “Enhance the experience” Meth enhances my experience, doesn’t mean it’s good for me.

  11. Yeah, I’ll totally trust the companies that seek to gain from misinforming consumers and hiding that their systems are blatant reskins of gambling mechanics

  12. Shotgundam009 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

    “Lootboxes are not gambling, have no re world value”
    You know I’ll admit i’m impressed at the high level PR talk. Basically admitting that its worse than gambling ever could be and making it sound like a good thing.

  13. “loot boxes have no real world value…”

    then why do you charge real world money for something that has no real world value?

  14. Every time I see Bobby Kotick smile I feel the desire to take the largest, prickliest cactus ever and smash it into his face until there is nothing resembling a cactus.

    I won’t do this though, as I would feel too guilty for touching an innocent cactus with Bobby Kotick.

  15. My question is: If lootboxes have “no real world value”, then why do they cost “real world money”?

  16. if they hammer on the fact that “it isn’t gambling since you don’t get anything of real world value” … imo if you charge real world money for something then there’s real world value there regardless

  17. _Drinks Jewels :_
    _Other Youtubers_ ❎
    _Jim Sterling_ ☑️

  18. Lootboxes: but it’s not gambling, it’s strictly worse than gambling!

    Somehow this is a supposed to be a logical argument against regulation.

  19. “Loot Boxes don’t need to be regulated because they’re optional! If you don’t like them, you don’t have to buy them!”

    Hey, you know what else is also optional, but is also regulated to make sure it doesn’t cause harm to children or people with psychological issues? Gambling

  20. “Loot boxes have no real world value. . . ”

    Except the billions of real dollars companies acquire from them. Publishers, go peddle your bulls*** to some else.

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