The $70 Price Tag Is Actually Indefensible (The Jimquisition)

Even though it never surprises me, it always disappoints me to see games media pundits fall over themselves to repeat corporate propaganda in defense of corporate garbage.

The arrival of the PS5 and Xbox Series X has been used as an excuse to finally raise game prices… after years of using fixed game prices as an excuse to fill their games with predatory monetization. I wonder how they’ll justify their microtransactions now!

At any rate, the obligatory chorus of apologists are backing up the decision with one heck of an argument. The exact same argument they’ve been using to justify publisher nastiness for years and years and years.


  1. Game companies: “Games need to be so expensive because game development is so expensive”

    Also game companies: *Gives multi-million dollar severance packages to corporate executives whilst laying off thousands of game dev employees whilst making billions during a global pandemic*

  2. I’m 99% certain anybody writing to defend the price hike haven’t had to buy a game out of pocket for the last two years.

  3. Teyloune Dragonvale

    I have a response to the $70 Price Tag: Can’t afford it.

  4. ‘Games are getting more expensive to make”

    I don’t know maybe stop overpaying your CEOS

  5. “But they need the money for the terafarts and gigashits”

  6. Games Journalists: “But movie ticket costs have been increasing!!”

    Yeah, and theater attendance in the US has been dropping since the early 2000s, sooooooo not the best model for AAA publishers to follow.

  7. Corporate executives: Oh yes gimme these juicy bonuses

    also corporate executives: Sorry employees we are laying off 50% of you because we just cant afford you, thoughts and prayers

  8. Heads Full Of Eyeballs

    Pundit: “the consoles’ coming raytracing era”
    Raytracing isn’t even particularly expensive or labour-intensive to implement in a game!
    If anything, the widespread adoption of raytracing should make games _cheaper,_ since you can get physically correct lighting, shadows and reflections without all the hand-crafted workarounds we currently use.

  9. See a movie doesn’t charge me $10, and then asks for another $2 every 15 minutes to keep watching the movie.

  10. Haven’t paid 60 dollars for a game in actual years. I’ve got too many damn bills to waste my money on broken pieces of shite

  11. Jean-Claude Van Damme “Poor people need a hobby too.”

  12. Fun fact: Im old enough to remember games costing “only” 50 bucks

  13. “WELL 6 0 d o l l a r s from then is 7 6 do ll ar s today!!” they say as if we didn’t just go through two once-in-a-lifetime economic crises since the start of that generation.

  14. Can’t wait for Nintendo to jump on the $70 trend, you KNOW they’ll eat it up sooner or later. $70 Mario Gameboy Advance Collection incoming!

    Limited time Only.

  15. Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class

    The actual developers, the programmers and artists in the trenches, really should unionize.

  16. Strelok Audio Design


  17. The world economy: sinking into the worst depression in three-hundred years
    Video game industry: hurr durr gib £70

    I mean talk about out of touch…

  18. Honestly, I’ve played $10 indie games with more value than some AAA games.

  19. This is why I wait for the “Complete” edition to hit $20 before I buy anything. The games industry is ridiculous

  20. “There’ll be less microtransactions!”
    No, no there will not. If anything, there will be more.

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