That Time The Last Of Us Part 2 Was Compared To Schindler’s List (The Jimquisition)

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The Last of Us 2 is finally out, and while I won’t say Naughty Dog’s murder party is one of the most overrated games of all time, I will declare that its achievements have been… overstated. A lot.

Among absurd comparisons to movies and overall contentious discourse, we have the game’s very own director using a situation to try and show up a journalist who only recently exposed Naughty Dog’s poor treatment of its staff.

So let’s talk about that time The Last of Us Part II was compared to Schindler’s List, and the absurdly bad faith fallout that certain industry leaders tried to stir up.


  1. In a medium where everything is John Wick, Count Chocula is Schindler’s List.

  2. I’m so happy to hear a pundit describe game devs as entitled for once.

    Between this and the Kane and Lynch disaster, you can’t describe AAA studios as anything else towards journalists.

  3. Life of Black Tiger is the “Jack and Jill” of video games

  4. The Sterling’s List.
    Lost to History, 22nd of June 2020

  5. I want David Cage to make a movie so the non-gaming audience can see how much of a hack he is as well

  6. I rate this critique a “Catcher in the Rye” out of “Dawn of the Dead”.

  7. The thing about art is that it’s not one-sided when it comes to determining whether it’s genius or not. Sounds like these studios forget that.

  8. the fact the ellie bobble head has an adorable forehead blood dribble is the final word on the matter lol

  9. Every game is John Wick? I’ve been playing Tetris the wrong way.

  10. I like to imagine that the goggle boglins- or “gogglins”- carry on a Statler and Waldorf style commentary.

  11. Let’s start calling crunch, employee abuse so that it is less avoidable.

  12. “Why am I doing this to ruin my week even more”

    Dear sterling, you cant relax with a spot of tea next to a fireplace without any fire!

  13. This is just like politicians.
    “Hey, let’s be polite and talk nicely while I vote for an offensive war on another innocent country”

  14. NBA 2K19 is the “To Kill a Mockingbird” of videogames.

  15. Tldr:
    Films should be like films
    Games should be like games
    Justin finally put his editing foot down

  16. I remember a game, its called Spec Ops: The Line, that was given honest game reviews and that somehow still gets pulled back out of the hat to be compared to new “revolutions” in story telling in video games. Somehow that game which didnt sell that well, didnt get reviews that looked like the reviewers had been paid off and somehow wins several “best story” awards in a row. It is so refreshing when something like that comes out. Tlou2… isnt it. Tlou2 reminds me of the “RGB” endings…

  17. Gingerbread Fetus

    Something that people have got mad at me for saying before is “Fallout 4, even by the low standards of the game industry, has some of the worst writing that I’ve ever seen.”

  18. “Oh, Justin, can we photoshop some bobbleheads…”

  19. Etsy suddenly gets hundreds of orders for custom made Schindler’s List bobble heads.

  20. So what you’re saying is Citizen Kane is the Dark Souls of comparisons.

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