THAT DAY WE LEFT – Brave, Risky, Promising

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(Big thanks to Török for the new thumbnail art!)

*NOTE* I rarely lock comment sections down, but out of the handful of times I’ve done it, this was by far the quickest it had to be done. Nastiness and racial shit was going up within seconds. I’d expect that from drive-by shitposters, but not my early viewers.

Regardless of your beliefs, maybe could resolve to be a bit fucking classier than that? restrained?

This is supposed to be a constructive series looking at promising games, and it’s a series I take great joy in making as it usually leads to really positive discourse in the comments section. If you think you’re disappointed that I’ve shut down the discussion section – and I know I’m going to get an earful from many who are – rest assured nobody’s more disappointed than I am.

I’m pretty much out of patience in general for nastiness in the comment sections of my work. By all means be critical, skeptical, even be all edgy if you want – but I’m done with the comments that exist for no other reason than to be shitheaded.

I’ve resisted doing what Totalbiscuit did and leaving my comment section completely closed by default (not a knock on him, I fully understand why he did it), but a number of you are really pushing for it, apparently.

My tolerance is at zero.

Thanks for listening.

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