That Crappy Anthem Game Is Getting An Overhaul Focusing On Actual Gameplay

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Anthem is getting a second chance at life if a recent BioWare announcement is to be believed. The terrible game that was developed with brutal abusive crunch is getting a major overhaul, similar to the famous No Man’s Sky update.

BioWare’s Casey Hudson has announced that the revitalized development will innovate by actually focusing on gameplay, a bold new idea for a videogame.

Whether or not this overhaul will rescue the game from increasing obscurity remains to be seen. Chances aren’t great, but it could happen. Some people might still care.

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  1. Yeah, just a full year of crunch I mean “bioware magic” will totally fix this. EA tooottalllyyy won’t shut down Bioware after this.

  2. I’d sooner buy a Ride to Hell: Retribution DLC before I spent money on anthem.

  3. It would have made more sense to delay the game and release it when it’s finished. But it’s the video game industry, so you know.

  4. Is it weird that whenever I hear the words “Hey Everyone!” in *any* context, I immediately associate it with grubby companies doing damage limitation?

  5. i’m placing my bets now, i think the “reboot” is gonna suck. this game already topped the sales charts in its current form, they have every financial incentive to drop another steamer and see if the same trick works twice

    also: most “reboots” tend to happen to an idea that initially held some promise. the only creative concept Anthem was built around was “let’s just do it and be legends”

  6. This is honestly insulting. They finally are implementing and changing everything they got feedback from the player base during all this time. They are acting like they came up with all of this. Not only that, it’s a one year old product for which its users have been basically free QA and beta testers who PAID to test this crap. Which brings up to the next point: how the hell are they going to monetize this? The previous players already paid, new players probably won’t come so late (especially since now there are many alternatives in D2, BL3 and soon Cyberpunk). So I am curious as to what egregious monetization scheme they will implement. Probably smth like F76, which is shit.

  7. “Bioware struggles to avoid liquidation.” May also have been a good title haha.

  8. I keep forgetting anthem exist until someone digs up the corpse of the game

  9. The loot system in this game genuinely hurts me as someone who loves games like Borderlands/Destiny

  10. “Focusing on gameplay first.”

    Oh dear … ?????

  11. The fact that there trying so hard to drag this live service through the mud but they abandoned Mass Effect Andromeda 1 month after launch just goes to show where their real priorities are… BioWare is dead to me.

  12. If gameplay is their new 1st priority, what was their old 1st priority? ?

  13. My reaction to everything nowadays is: “Oh, what a bold promise! Wake me up when you keep it.”

  14. Chilling At the holiday innn

    I’ve never played this hot garbage, however yesterday I bought a brand new retail copy for $4.00, so I’ll let it sit on my shelf until the update comes out and get my $4 dollars worth.

  15. Anthem: “Hi everyone! We’re back and gonna be awesome! We promise!”

    Everyone else: “I’m sorry, who the hell are you?”

    BioWare, Hiding Behind Newspaper: “Uh….”

  16. “It’s dead, Jim”

  17. The release of “Evolve” was a f*cking crime though…
    A full priced AAA title on launch and it was a friggin online only game!

    It didn’t have dedicated servers.
    It was completely unbalanced thanks to the overpriced DLC character packs making it pay-to-win
    The gameplay was so f*cking boring as the monster once you played three matches you realized ‘that is the *whole* game.

  18. “I’ve been wrong in the past”*
    *citation needed

  19. Their whole “live service” really stings two years later when you have to continually update a dead game no one plays

  20. “We would like another $60 to design a product to milk your money”

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