Thank You

20,000 Subscriber Video ►

Thank you all so for 12 Million subscribers! I wasn’t sure how I was going to make a video like this so I just turned camera on and started rambling like I always do. Yes I get emotional again but I TRIED NOT TO!! Just thank you all so much for being here with me and supporting me through this crazy adventure!


  1. I like Meow more than Woof but I’m a cat person

  2. Is it just me or did anyone else start to tear up or cry when mark started


  4. Dude your the reason I’m always on YouTube love every video u make, I wish
    I can do wat u do

  5. I don’t cry! I just.. caught something in my eye…
    What did you catch?

  6. I love your white and gold wall

  7. FallOut!AtTheDisco

    There’s a 85% chance that he’s going yo beat Pewdiepie

  8. there are no words to explain how much you mean to me Mark <3

  9. markiplier > the retarded pierdepie


  11. Thanks mark! ur awesome dude! we all love you

  12. who the actual fuck could dislike this?

  13. Danilo II Morales

    Congratz Mark!

  14. You do deserve this because you are one of the few people who can remain
    humble with the opportunities given to you and you use your platform to
    help others and it’s always very clear how much you care about the people
    and the world around you. You deserve this so much more than you realize
    Mark. Congratulations and Thank YOU :)

  15. I'm On YouTube Tho

    Crying? Me? Pfft, no… I’m just… Sweating from my eyes.

  16. Why did he start YouTube aagin

  17. Stasia Harrington

    Did I make it clear, that I love you, from the other side of the screen? xx
    Love you Mark?


    You are so amazing Mark, you don’t need to keep telling us how much you
    love us, because we know that you love us every day <3
    Plus, added note- Mark's stream is today :3

  19. How can people actually diskike this??

  20. mark can you do the donation to diabetes type 2 plz

  21. You know… you deserve it. You are a amazing person. We are really really
    thankful you are here for us and we are here for you. We are grateful of
    your dedication to us, willing to make us feel better day in and day out.
    You never disappointed us… you are you and that is the best you can be!
    We believe in you!

  22. I am so proud to be one of those 12million.

  23. You’re so cute omg im dying♡ we love you :)

  24. mark you do not have to make everyone happy you already make a lot of us
    happy and help a lot of us thur the rough days that we have and that is all
    that maders and i know there is alot of people who have depreson and you
    help them and that is acutualy very important to me because i know people
    that you have helped and that that means the world to me that you can just
    help someone with what you do and the ones who suport you are always
    greatful and i am for sure so thank you mark and love you much

  25. Congrats Mark on 12 million subscribers ♡♡ keep doing what ur doing
    congratulations ♡♡ luv ya!

  26. Creeper Slayer9000

    You should make a plushie of yourself.

  27. Mark… dont, dont,….. dont cry…….. because if you cry…. ILL CRY

  28. Well Done Mark you can hit 15 million subs by 2017

  29. This video made me cry! Mark, thank you so much for everything you have
    done for everyone. We all love you so much and the things you do and the
    time and effort you dedicate to make videos for us. This truly shows how
    much of a great caring and talented person you are! You help me and many
    others in this world, you brighten our day up and for some out lives.
    Again, thank you so much for this. We love you mark!

  30. Can u please do more five nights at Freddys videos ……. Thanks
    mark….,…. Good luck with getting the playbuttons

  31. Ketherine Treader

    mark, you’ve got to be the biggest sweet heart on the whole Internet. I’m
    glad someone as sincere, selfless and kind as you has become so popular.

  32. Hey, just because you can’t find the words to say something different every
    milestone, doesn’t mean we, your viewers, can’t see and feel the passion
    behind said words. We get it, we love you, and love what you do, keep it up
    Mark, and thank YOU, for being you. P.S., I sorta teared up myself while
    watching this video.

  33. OMG im 10 and I’m crying so much. mark u r the only youtuber that makes me
    smile when I’m down . i feel like i know u personally and I’m just glad
    that u r happy.i really hope that u read this comment because it means so
    much to me . i luv u

  34. You deserve it as much as anyone but especially u and you make my day you
    should be thanking us we should be thanking you for these amazing videos
    and what bob said is SOLOMON true u r the best on YouTube


  35. Patrick Spaulding

    aww mark lol

  36. 夏梨ルーシー築山(Shuu)

    yes I came for Mark tears

  37. I really want to give him a hug


  38. Mark you big, precious cinnamon roll! You deserve all your success and so
    much more. Keep doing what you love and I wish you all the happiness in the
    world <3

  39. You earn it Mark
    Have fun and i Hope you will become more subscriber

  40. *hugs you*

  41. CONGRATS MARK !! 😀 You know you. Make a lot of people smile everyday. Like
    me. Everytime I get sad and bored. I always watch your videos. I want to
    say thank you too. For making us smile ^_^

  42. Wow. Even though I’ve heard of you for only a few months now, I always
    enjoy the fact that you make me happy every single day. :-D

  43. Congrats on 12 million subs

  44. omg Mark don’t cry , when you cry I cry??❤❤❤

  45. You are great and we love you :D

  46. I started watching your videos a month or two ago and you’ve made me laugh
    every single time I watch any of your videos. keep it up Mark!

  47. What the fuck is wrong with his hair? Like damn

  48. Kalyssta Drentwett

    Ah man, Mark. Even though I’ve been here for awhile and I’ve seen your
    other milestone videos, every new one you do- it’s incredibly refressing.
    It’s crazy to think that you don’t believe you (and Sean) deserve all these
    fans. I may not know you as well as the people in your life but I know you
    enough to *know* that you *deserve* such a gift. You got one of those
    rockin’ personalities that just make people flock to you and want to be
    around you. (maybe not all people but shh most people). A sincere
    congratulations, Mark. Such a cool guy deserves this kind of thing. &you’ve
    worked for it. looking forward to the livestream today (:

  49. your a great inspiration mark you bring so much joy and happiness to
    people. just keep doing what your doing :)

  50. mark thank you for brightening my day when I think of my dad he died
    December 8th 2015 I am 12 years old and one of your biggest fans I’ve been
    at the stage of commit suicide but you made on e of your many great videos
    it made me feel happy my dad was the only one who thought cared about me in
    the world and now he’s gone plzz read this I want to say thank you for
    saving me <3

  51. woof was funny as hell ?{woof)

  52. Kinda dumb but makes sense is that 12 million people are subscribed to him
    yet only 1million of those people watch his videos

  53. Do you have your first video? i must see it!

  54. Melanie Delgrosso

    words can’t describe how much I like Markilpier

  55. Mark you are an inspiration to me and I know a lot of other people. You
    deserve everything you have, because you’ve earned it. We definitely don’t
    know how hard it has been for you, but I want you to know that what you
    have gained over the years, and what you are going to gain, is all yours
    and don’t you forget it. Have a good day man.

  56. no mark…thank..YOU

  57. Mark, you are amazing. You do deserve what is happening to you. You upload
    2 videos a day and you still find the time to interact with fans AND to do
    charity live streams for hours and hours! We can tell how dedicated you are
    to us and to what you do, and we love you. So never change Mark, never

  58. Alvin Chan (legendarypilot123)

    thx mark! u da bomb

  59. XxShaydexHaze4xX Games


  60. Don’t sell yourself short, Love. You are the biggest person here, you’ve
    made me and zillions pc others fall in love with you simply because you are
    real, you are that carefree regardless of what’s going on in your life,
    good or bad, you’re the person we want to be, the person we admire, that
    person we all wish was our friend. When my sister first introduced me to
    your channel, I was like “ok, just another yahoo on YouTube” but then I
    real started seeing that you actually care, that you’re genuine and that’s
    what makes you awesome! That genuine-ness is what makes you deserve EVERY
    dedication, every tribute, award, fan smile, whatever…You deserve it all.
    You…You are AMAZING, AWESOME, you truly are a beautiful person in a dark
    and terrible world. When I’m sad, I listen to your videos, just because the
    sound of your voice, whether youre being goofy, or serious, or whatnot, is
    shooting in a way that makes me think of when was happy (I know Im not the
    only one who feels this way) Mark, of all the famous people in the world, I
    would want to me, your at the very top of that list…#1. All because
    you’re genuine, you’re not afraid to let us see your tears, your goofy
    side, unlike far too many people today, you show us ALL of you (get your
    mind out of the gutter, that’s not what I meant). So please don’t ever feel
    you don’t do enough to deserve everything, cause you do. *HUGS* whether or
    not you read this, thank you!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for
    everything!!! ~ the annoying fan you’ve never met~

  61. 😀 Hey Markiplier I’m your biggest fan! Do a Q and A video! Here’s my
    question: Did you ever have a crush when you were a teenager?

  62. Its the emotion that shows you really care :D

  63. were all here for you

  64. trying not to cry but can’t help it

  65. admit it to yourself… this guys has an annoying face and personality.

  66. mark, honestly, you are so amazing and you make me smile when I need it,
    you have been there in my hardest times, and honestly, I’m so glad you as a
    person exist, I’m glad you do what you do thank you.

  67. Mark you deserve this for all your hard work and dedication you may thank
    us but we also thank you because you help so many people thank you

  68. April 4th is when you uploaded your first video ? That’s a few days before
    my birthday

  69. I luv u Markimoo!!! U srsly make me super happy whenever I watch ur vids!!

  70. thanks mark

  71. Thank GOD

  72. There will never be enough words to describe how much you mean to us, and
    we don’t care if you say the same thing every time because we will always
    love and be here for you. Also we don’t mind that you cry when you do this
    because 1. we already are and 2. it shows you really do care.

  73. it was really funny and your not anoing

  74. You deserve everything and more Markimoo! You are the most beautiful
    cinnamon roll <3

  75. Kirito The Black Swordsman

    It’s okay Mark. We’re grateful for that you’re always a big goofball and
    man child c:

    We love you and always will. <3 I've been a subscriber since.... What was
    it... 2014? And I'm here now and expect more subs coming on the way.

  76. See my Tears

  77. i think i cried my eyes out

  78. AmazingSierraisnotonfir e

    if this is the Markiplier we get, we don’t want it to change. ?

  79. What time and where will the charity stream be?

  80. I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but, Mark I don’t want you to look
    retarded like me because I’m trying to make a fashion statement on my own.
    Please go and trim your mustache, it looks like your squirrel is trying to
    slip off your face! I know that sounded like an insult but Mark, you’re SO
    awesome and almost my whole family loves you because you make a
    statement… Be Happy and Standout in the crowd, and if all else fails,
    Make videos on YouTube to make people laugh. Mark, I don’t know why but I
    do feel like I have a connection with you in some way, I know, I don’t even
    know you but I love everything about you. From your Sass to your Tears, you
    make me proud that I am a subscriber to this amazing channel and you’ve
    come so far, but I KNOW there is more to come. Mark, we all love you,
    continue what you’re doing, make us all proud.

  81. You keep on making amazing videos! I’m a big fan of u Mark!

  82. itgattabejoshable

    Best part 7:17

  83. ❤️

  84. Space panda Panda

    Your the best ??

  85. YOU ARE NOT ANOYING MARK! Some times people need some repeat, so don’t
    worry about it. I kinda enjoy it. Also don’t be afraid to cry in front of
    us we love you and care for you, stay positive, I already said this in one
    of your vids (repeating myself) but I have been through a lot of well lets
    just say I have been though hell and back and I’m still a teen, I wouldn’t
    even be posting or even here if you didn’t post vids (yes I would literally
    be dead like I said hell and back.) Mark you are kind, loving, honest,
    funny no more than funny you are f****ing hilarious, and not to mention
    gorgeous as hell. I know this must be strange coming from a person who you
    don’t know but Mark I love yah your awesome! Stay cool k? (If you read this
    Mark just to let you know it came straight from my heart. Put a lot of
    though into this.)

  86. no mark thank you for brightening up my everyday boring life your one of
    the most awesome people I know (and don’t forget most handsome) I will
    always be here watching your videos. And I hope you continue making them!

  87. I getting tired of mark thanking us, we should be thanking him instead.

  88. another crocodile tear milestone vid haha

  89. ur welcome mark u deserve it :)

  90. Anyone else felt their souls try to rip from their body and comfort Mark
    when he was crying?

  91. Hey Mark. Last year I went through a very difficult time in my life. I had
    lost one of my closest friends last summer and it has been the hardest
    thing ive ever gone through. I felt alone for a long time because I felt
    like no one understood. I didnt have anyone to turn to. Then I went to your
    channel and you actually made me laugh. When no one else could, you made me
    smile. I know im just one person out of millions who watch you and I know
    youve heard this a lot, and who knows if you will even read this, but thank
    you. Thank you for all that you do. Theres no one on youtube id rather
    watch than you. Youre awesome (: ~Ana

  92. That’s why we’re all mad about you marky!

  93. We love u mark if ignore the haters!!! ??

  94. no problem mate ur incredible

  95. Was I the only one crying with Mark or not?!????

  96. Kamakazite Gaming

    Mark… I know you will never see this message. But. You are one of the
    reasons I have become a YouTuber… I have a similar story to yours. It was
    as if it was just yesterday. When I was happy, an felt even love. Shit made
    sense for a bit, I thought it could never get worse. But hey. It’s not
    everyday you have your own best friend try to commit suicide three times,
    after talking you through shitty times. 17 friends commit suicide, 4 more
    attempt it and you lose the person you love. Nothing will be perfect. It
    use to be perfect. Life is just a random sequence of events. So take it a
    bit slower. You never know what is about to happen next. It makes you feel
    like shit. Take the next few moments to think, to think about who is your
    best friend and who you love. Don’t forget to remind them because you don’t
    know when they will get randomly taken off you. No one likes me. I’m a
    reject. Every time I watched your vids I felt better, happy, like a normal
    person… Thank you mark.

  97. Electric Potatogamations

    Woof is better

  98. And you haven’t disappointed anyone Mark, you’ve had so much improvement
    over the years and I like this Markiplier! You’ve always been there for my
    sisters and I. At the moment we are going through tough times and I am so
    happy that I have your videos to look at. Every time I see one of your
    videos I say Thank you. And I really mean it. I love Ya Mark!??

  99. when he started to cry i just started bawling my eyes out <3<3<3

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