Terry Bogard in Smash Bros. Ultimate REVEAL TRAILER

The fourth DLC character coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate is Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard, just revealed in the 9.4.19 Nintendo Direct! Check out the trailer here!

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  1. Double A Animations

    I was hoping for a Metal Slug rep. But SNK getting a rep is what matters the most. Legendary developers. They deserve the spot.

    • Double A Animations

      Sakurai also said he wants to introduce new worlds, so I’m guessing one character per company/franchise. Only time i see him doing an exception is with a rep from Xenoblade 2, but that’ll be in fighter pass 2. Because Sakurai literally fanboys over the xenoblade franchise. Since sakurai said he’s going to try and please most fans, my guess for the 5th slot is either going to be, the Knight, Hornet or Shantae. While i know shantae is a spirit but i doubt being a spirit matters much as a lot of the playable characters have alternate spirits. She is very popular and placed really high in the smash ballot. And she was for the indie scene of japan what shovel knight was for the west, 10 years before. The knight or Hornet because Hollow Knight is one of the biggest indie games in years putting triple A games to shame. Not to mention it is very well regarded and has a huge fanbase(nontoxic as well) in both Japan and the West. An indie rep is definitely coming, whether it is the 5th fighter or in the 2nd fighter pass, and it’s probably going to be one of these two

    • Arturo Basilio De Vincenzo D'Onofrio

      @Double A Animations this new Is old , Google It was sayed by an snk colaborator in october 2018. That snk was going to trow a couple of franchises. His bets were kof AND metal slug

    • Arturo Basilio De Vincenzo D'Onofrio

      @Double A Animations forget about fucking slots. If this shit keeps selling More AND More charscters Will be introduced. I expect máster chief AND the guy from doom

    • @Double A Animations We never say Assist Trophies as DLC came in, it’s really more probable that Marco and Fio are getting in as Mii Costumes

    • Double A Animations

      @NoJokesInc. oh yeah. Right. I forgot they don’t add assist trophies with the dlcs :v my bad. Sorry. So mii costumes and spirits then

  2. I’ve never played a Fatal Fury game in my entire life, but I know who Terry is and he looks awesome. I’m the type of person to be excited for all newcomers — not because I’m necessarily excited — but because the people who play those games get really excited and it makes me happy for them. Congratulations to the Fatal Fury fans for getting your boy in Smash. 🙂

  3. Terry looks like a buff Pokémon Trainer.

  4. snk is making the most massive come back rn im hype

  5. King of fighter is the original smash brothers, not a lot people know this. It started in 1994. SNK brought all their fighting games & other type of games into one & called it King of Fighters.

  6. In Tekken 7, we have Akuma vs Geese
    In Smash, we have Ken vs Terry

    When’s Capcom vs Snk 3?

  7. Mai – DOA 5
    Geese – Tekken 7
    Terry – Smash Ultimate.


  8. Nakoruru looking at the horizon as Mamahaha fails to catch the letter followed by Iori maniacally laughing after failing too had me laughing SO hard

  9. geese howard fell trying to get into smash and landed in tekken

    In all seriousness I laughed my ass off when he fell trying to grab the letter even when he’s not in the game he continues to fall to his death

  10. the president julius

    kyo kusanagi & iori yagami…
    Terry still cool btw

  11. Hey Smash players…


  12. I want terry and fox to have a “come on” battle

  13. When you think about it, having Terry as the SNK representative makes a lot of sense since Fatal Fury was the company’s first fighting game.

    Also, the memes.

  14. Fatal fury, that means my hopes for a kof character are still alive

  15. What’s sad is that most people in the live chat on Nintendo didn’t know who terry was or were upset it was terry. Do Smash players not play other games?

    • @「Dumpster Fire」 I agree I don’t see anything wrong with disliking Terry and preferring another character as long as the person in question isn’t being rude to others. Personally I haven’t that many who don’t like Terry attacking those who do I’ve only seen 2 people like that so far.

      I’ve seen more people hating on those who don’t know who Terry is or those who don’t like him that much.

    • @Mega Blueflash I can’t argue with you there the chat was mostly only interested in Pokémon & Smash.

    • 「Dumpster Fire」

      Grookey You’re lucky that you’ve only seen 2 lol. It gets pretty toxic, but I think you’re right that it’s more Terry fans attacking people who don’t know him than vice versa. I also don’t mind people disliking a character if they’re not being rude. I saw somebody call Sans just a dumb meme character even though he’s much more than just a meme.

    • @「Dumpster Fire」 As someone who isn’t an Undertale fan I’m not sure where all the hate came from. A few years ago it seemed like everyone loved it now people hate it all of a sudden.

    • 「Dumpster Fire」

      Grookey I know, right? Personally I really like Undertale a lot more since the fandom calmed down, so I don’t know why everybody’s hating on Undertale. It’s a good game with fun and unique characters, and even the battles are unique in the way that it’s a mix of RPG and bullet hell mechanics. People loved it before like you said, so the hate is unreasonable.

  16. Ken masters vs Terry Bogard, rematch of the millenium.

  17. Literally one of the best video game trailers I’ve ever seen.

    The amount of love and attention to detail poured into this is absolutely insane.

  18. Ryu: good to see you again Terry
    Ken: Welcome to the Smash!
    Terry: OKAAAY!

  19. Like, to someone who doesn’t know Terry/SNK, this means nothing to them. But to someone who’s a SNK fan..it’s a huge love letter. Especially the glorious tones of that Neo Geo boot up.

  20. Still waiting for cj from grove street to join the battle

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