Ten Worst Types Of DLC In History (The Jimquisition)

Everybody loves lists, especially people who say they don’t. The Jimquisition week roots through history’s garbage to find the ten worst types of DLC in videogame history.

At least until we think of ten more, then we do another list. Lists are great!


  1. On-disc DLC: One of the earliest examples of this I’m aware of is _Alice: Madness Returns_ (2011) published by EA. There was a PC DLC that added additional dresses and weapons to the game which turns out the content was there all along and could be enabled with a single change to one INI file. I begrudgingly bought the EA title since I really liked the first game, but thankfully I found out about this fix before even being aware that there was “DLC” for sale.

    I feel the fuckheads at EA don’t get near enough credit for pioneering this abhorrent practice.

  2. You know what’s the saddest part: That otherwise great games like Dragon’s Dogma or Azura’s Wrath get dragged down by this disgustig shit…

  3. Honorable mention goes to DLC for a minigame within the game, as well as the DLC that can’t be used when it comes out. Let’s give a hand for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 was released on October 25th 2016 and started out as a fighting game. In late november last year, more than a year after the release of the game, the Hero Colosseum update came out. This was a strategic board game with figurines that has nothing to do with the mechanics of the main game, which is punching people in the face. Now, the issue is that the figurines can only be obtained via random packs you can buy with the game’s secondary currency, TP Medals. This secondary currency was already in the game and was given out rather generously, allowing you to buy new outfits and attacks instead of using the game’s main currency, Zeni. Alongside this free update we saw the release of, you guessed it, the option to buy TP Medals with real-life currency, allowing you to either unlock figurines or buy new outfits or attacks, quite a few of which can give you quite the advantage early on.

    As for the second one, TP Medals can also be spent in a particular store where items can only be bought with TP Medals. One of the DLCs involving the character of Bojack (the ginger pirate, not the horseman) requires you to buy outfits from the TP Medal store so that you can train with the guy. However, aside from said outfits being horribly expensive the TP Medal store is only available on Friday to Sunday. And when did this DLC hit? On a… tuesday. So if you bought this DLC you had to wait half a week to be able to play it, and if you don’t have a lot of TP Medals you had to grind quite a lot to get enough of them to finish the DLC before the store closes again and you have to wait another week. And since this was before you had the option to buy TP Medals you were just shit out of luck instead of getting urged to cough up the dough. Now, to be fair the outfits were added the week before and were available to buy in the TP Medal store in the weekend before the DLC hit, but not only was there no indication of you needing these outfits, the characters that wear these outfits are not exactly the most popular ones. For those of you not well-versed in the ways of Dragon Ball, Bojack and his crew are from one of the movies, which is neither canon nor the best movie of the bunch, and the character in there are not popular enough to have people go “Holy shit is that Bujin’s turban? I gotta have me some of that!” aside from completionists.

    So good on ya, Xenoverse 2 and your weird DLC shenanigans.

  4. Release dates arent what they used to be. I no longer find it worth buying 99% of games at release. At this point its easier to assume the game isnt complete and to just wait for the inevitable complete version.

  5. So there is actually another DLC which I think might rival Konami’s save slots.

    Sonic 06. For as buggy and terrible a game it is actually got a 2nd patch. Which you had to buy.

    Sega actually made a 2nd patch for the game but you had to buy their DLC as it was included in that download and not as a separate entity.

  6. 8:00
    And these people wonder why we fucking pirate.

  7. The turn remastered dlc has to be one of the grossest gaming terms ever

  8. It’s an interesting video, but as a gamer who has only spent money on 2 exceptional season passes (Mario Kart 8 & Hyrule Warriors on WiiU) … I kind of wonder if the gamers who buy into these offences should be brought to account rather than just the developers/publishers ?

    It’s only because people pay the cash that the developers design the trash !

  9. The 800$ version of assassins creed includes an mp3 file of the dev team laughing at you.

  10. Crapcom did it again with the Dead Rising 4 ending that was tacked on via DLC. Fuckers.

  11. DLC aside, Asura’s Wrath was a really crazy journey that felt like a playable anime, really creative and ridiculously over the top, I wish they made a complete PC port for it.

  12. You forgot to add Destiny for paid cut content. Destiny 2 DLC is cut Destiny 1 content that they hashed together to make all the money.

  13. Lets not forget when Mass Effect 3 added a Prothean character that you can only get via dlc. The Prothean were an intriguing mystery, and they had an important rule to both the story, and the universe throughout the series . An extinct race that no one know that much about, but their impact was huge. And you can have one of them as a squad member who somehow survived if you payed $10.

  14. I would add the Diablo 3 Necromancer somewhere to this list. A single character almost as expensive as the entire game by now should be worth mentioning. On top of that the game prominently displays the DLC in its main menu and when you want to look through your collection of pets and stuff.

  15. That intro. Genius. Just genius.

  16. Konami’s MGS5 base insurance sure was a hoot!

  17. IGV IOS and Android Gameplay Trailers

    But without all this dlc, what else is going to provide us with a sense of pride and accomplishment?

  18. ♥️♥️♥️ for the opening

  19. I think Jim just wanted to make a video where he could justify having both an ‘Oh, Ubisoft!’ moment and a ‘FucKonami News’ segment together.

  20. Maaaaaaaaaaaan this intro T_T just Epic.

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