Ten Great Games That Deserved More Success Than They Got

Success is relative. Except when it’s objectively defined. These games did not, objectively, succeed.

They should have done, though. They deserved better than they got. Truly great games that underperformed, got forgotten, and just didn’t sell very well.

Just… just find and play Gitaroo Man!

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  1. God bless you Jim for mentioning Metal Arms. That game was one of my favorites when I was a little girl.

    Also, that floating jet thing with the claw? Gold.

  2. It’s sad how many times quality characters were brought up in this list. As a fan of single player rpgs good characters are my number one selling point, that barely exists in the modern era.

  3. Metal Arms was so damn good. And so damn long (I remember getting to what I thought was the end only to open another whole section).
    One of my all time favourite games!

  4. METAL ARMS was amazing! The story was so looooong.

  5. I freaking loved battleborn but unfortunately I’m left playing overwatch because battleborn has no player base left.

  6. None of them are on Jim’s list, but I still get a little bummed when I think about how few people have played Ghost Trick, Radiant Historia or Rocket Slime.

  7. Titanfalls 2 story was so damn good, that time travel to parkour was so brilliant, I hope we get a Titanfall 3 some day…

    Nosgoth was great. It should, and would, have sold.
    If they’d bothered marketing, it before pulling the plug for not being popular.
    I’m still annoyed with Square-Enix over that.

  9. Beyond Good and Evil was a childhood gem for me so I already love this video

  10. You should do more of these. I like seeing recommendations for games I might have missed out on. Gitaroo Man is like the one rhythm game I haven’t played ever.

  11. I had always heard of Killer 7, but never got the chance to get it. Didn’t know it was on Steam! *sigh* Guess I’m giving Valve more money now.

    Also, if any of these other games are available these days through some means, you should post links or something in the description or a pinned comment, Jim!

  12. IIRC Apex Legends actually began life as Titanfall 3’s multiplayer so…wouldn’t hold my breath on ever seeing a third game.

  13. A remake of the original Beyond Good and Evil with no real gameplay changes and 4K textures would genuinely make me cry with joy.

  14. Singularity was an AWESOME game!

    Loved the time manipulation mechanics and the ending was good!
    Would have loved to have seen a sequel to it,

    but the game’s story was pretty complete,

    and to the point.

  15. Garth Marenghi was amazing. I have always thought you and he are one and the same person Jim

  16. man a freakin love BGE, Kingdoms of Amalur and Enslaved. And I liked Singularity as well, was a great game.

  17. Gothic 1 and Gothic 2 should’ve had more exposure and deserved more success.

  18. 007: Everything Or Nothing is criminally underrated.

  19. For me personally I wished Gigantic succeeded 🙁 That 3rd person moba with really nice art style.

  20. Yo could all 830K of us hop into Battleborn right now thanks

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