TEKKEN 7 Season Pass 3 Reveal Trailer | PS4, XB1, PC

TEKKEN 7 Season Pass 3 is happening! Zafina, the spiritual warrior, will return in September along with a new original character, Leroy Smith who will debut winter 2019.

We’re also bringing a major update with new moves for ALL characters in TEKKEN 7. Step into the ring: https://bandainam.co/Tekken7


  1. Zafina is giving me Soul Calibur vibes. The Voldo-esque movements, the Nightmare “hand” etc.

  2. Please Team Battle in offline and online private match!



  4. Swagmeister Productions

    Oh cool! They put Velvet from Tales of Berseria

  5. Zafina is so fuckin cool. I was incredibly disappointed when she wasn’t in 7. Leroy Smith also looks dope as hell. BRING ON SEASON 3

  6. I am so glad they brought back Zafina

  7. Finally!

    Black Karate Jesus is playable.

  8. ZAAAAAAFFFFFIIINNNNAAAAAAA!!!!!!! 😍🤩❤️💗💝💓💞💖💕🧡💜💚💛💙

  9. Natural Born Pusher

    Anna, Lei and Zafina. Words can’t express my gratitude Harada san, thanks so much😭😭🙏

  10. Leeroy is the netflix adaptation of wang. Looking forward to play him.

  11. Why do I have this feeling that they will put kiryu from yakuza in this game

  12. I can’t believe Old Woolie made it to Tekken 7.

  13. アーネスト ASAMOAH

    *BLIND* Wing Chun Master?

    Leroy looks really cool. ^_^

  14. “Expanded Practice Functionality” I do hope that we can have in-game frame data access for all moves

  15. C H A T S P A M K A P P A 1 2 3

    Why does leroy smith look like a chadacter someone can do in character customization?

  16. Krzysztof Wojciechowski

    New moves for every character?

    *spends all day in practice mode*

  17. So happy that Zafina is finally back! My Main ❤️ so badass that Azazel fusion

  18. Unpopular opinion : Zafina is my the best tekken character that has original moves,most moves is helish devious devilish twisted SSSmokin hot moves .that’s just imo :3

  19. Im happy theres new season pass and a wing chun character. Just shame not a single of the season pass characters had their own ending. Really disappointing. I’d like to see Lei story ending, Anna, now Zafina. At least some background to the wing chun character and his ending, is he a mate of Wang or something? We really need some story behind the characters

  20. Old, black Kung Fu master who is fighting stoically?

    Sign me in!

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