Talon Preseason Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

’s always been a sneaky dude with an irresponsibly large blade collection. He’s still got the blades, but now he’s added parkour to his list of obsessions.


  1. Our time has come, Talon mains.

    Love have we waited, now we have Jebaited.


  3. Diego Eduardo Martínez

    Talon mains won’t be able to use him often because of the 10 bans

  4. Dont like this comment or i will kill you.

  5. Now Taliyah´s ult is even more useless (0:38)

  6. But they didn’t mention that talons W has a delay when it comes back
    Also the fact they replaced his blades with shurikens upsets me because he
    seems like a ninja now

  7. Three hit passive? Three hit passive.

  8. assasin season -_- cant wait

  9. Kong Moua (Dkong100)

    Talon E still 1s okay. Just gonna sit back and wait for it to become 5s
    after the kids complain he’s way too mobile and impossible to chase down.

  10. “Bard mains have been there”
    LOL tru that

  11. RIP Talon in ARAM, you will be missed.

  12. so when are the reworked champs come?

  13. Judging from these updates, i take the next season will be an assassin

  14. this new parkour thing feels like an OP flash.

  15. “but gives up a large portion of Q’s damage”

    yep totally. the damage displayed is pretty much the same

  16. I’m so hyped

  17. Soooo he sucks now?

  18. when do these changes go live

  19. You can tell that someone is bronze when they scream something is op in
    respect to conditional single target escape/damage potential.

    “Talon can escape from me over walls oh no gg rito plz”

    To that I say, “coordinate as a team and get some vision”

    Talon needed this to stay relevant. He needed this for the summoner’s
    enjoyment. Bronze players needed this as one more reason to bitch and moan.

  20. There are Bard mains?

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