Talking Tom and Friends Minis – Keep Away! (Episode 31)

and are having roommate problems. Will they figure things out or just make it worse?

Hey! I’m and I’m pretty much the coolest kid you’re ever going to meet. I’ve always got loads of amazing ideas bouncing around my head for pranks and jokes and adventures!

I’ve packed my channel full of all kinds of awesome things. You can watch the super cute here. But the best things are the ones starring me! I’ve got super cool videos that will teach you how to draw and ones that tell you stories. There are even stories about all the places I’ve explored and things I’ve learned. So what are you waiting for? Come on an adventure with me!

I upload lots of new videos all the time. But if you can’t wait for more fun, just check out the Talking Tom and Friends channel. And Talking Tom and have pretty cool channels too, although I’d never tell them that! Haha!

See you soon!

Talking Ginger is also known as: Sprechender Kater Ginger, Ginger qui parle, Ginger Falante, Ginger el gato parlante, Konuşan Ginger


  1. How would you have solved the guys’ problem?

  2. Pls Make More
    Talking Minis
    I Really Like
    It !!!! Pls !!!!

  3. MatchMaker Amethyst

    at the end we got a look of seeing Ginger’s parents

  4. Vinod kumar Mishra

    Talking Ginger can you tell the answer please.

  5. presisa pausar no 25 e egraçado

  6. Okay. This episode is really bad. Tom and Hank are having roommate problems. Will they figure things out or just make it worse? Watch.

  7. лайк если ты из русских и казахов

  8. alking Tom and Friends Minis – beach (Episode 32)

  9. TTV Testaburger Television

    we must cancel tom and friends minis because tam e agela at bothering me

  10. I hate noor she don’t wanna give me one of the chips salsa this is possible .??

  11. In episode 32 I bet that ginger and tom make a mess and they cleaned the house before gingers parent got back home

  12. Tea rush rush tea rush rush
    Funny video arabee

  13. A GOOD animation! VOW!!! O my GOD!!! Like!!!!!! (*_*)

  14. Emminka Kellnhoferová

    love hank angela ben tom ginger and angela and tom love

  15. Pl nnjhnc n mn j

  16. Альбина Газдарова

    сделай серии где том и Анжела поцеловались

  17. actually which day will come out the new video?after two weeks thursday or one month?

  18. hello a whath enemis jajaj leters al asar jajaja no se lo que digo jajajaja XD

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