Talking Over Interesting Trailers From The Game Advertisements

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The Game Advertisements happened once again, the annual display of self-congratulation from an industry that mostly doesn’t deserve it. Anyway, it’s not really about the awards, it’s about marketing. Let’s enjoy some trailers!

I suppose.

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  1. I don’t “get” any kind of pop culture related award shows but it was nice to see that lady who worked on Among Us struggle to get through her speech because she was so happy about winning.

  2. The dragon age and mass effect trailers just made me sad.

  3. I wouldn’t say it’s always the one everyone expects it to be to win every year, Sekiro was a pretty surprising win last year. But yeah, game awards was pretty boring.

  4. 5:45 Jim, don’t mention Mysterio. You’ll give Randy Pitchford ideas to steal

  5. ive never been less excited for the future

  6. OK, now I’m replacing hologram with “ghosts made out of computers” in my vocabulary

  7. Not sure if I’m surprised or not surprised Jim didn’t talk about Sephiroth in smash

  8. “I hate video games, but I like them.” Same.

  9. “I hate video games, but I do like them”

    100% right there 😛

  10. I quite like the look of Evil West, always up for some Weird Weird West nonsense, love me a Western with sci fi or horror elements, looks like a good time

  11. Wait, that Evil Dead trailer had actual in-game footage? That’s not how any of this works!

  12. the zombie game is just the guy constantly reloading his gun

  13. “Ghost made out of computers” will make me laugh every time I see a hologram now

  14. “One of those ghosts made out of computers. … h-holograms, they call them!”
    Throwing around the real wisdom nuggets

  15. If there’s anything I’ve learned with game advertisements, it’s that they’re false advertisements.

  16. My years of rallying for a Left 4 Dead spinoff called Left 2 Die have been in vain.

  17. Every time they show a cool looking game and then say “Multiplayer” I get so disapointed I just plan more rides on my bike cos thats currently more entertaining.

  18. “Generation of Avarice” would be a pretty good name for an RPG.

  19. The Game “Awards” are only worth watching for the announcements. The awards are worth as much as other awards shows: zero.

  20. “Furries may like the game”

    I have no idea what you mean.

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